Greece blocks Iranian from plotting to arm asylum seekers

Migrants and refugees wait to continue their train journey trying to enter Europe from Turkey, February 9, 2016. (Reuters) April 1, 2020 In Greece, the case of an Iranian migrant now jailed on charges of inciting an insurrection is highlighting the Greek government’s rising concerns about a flare-up of clashes involving migrants along Greece’s [...]

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US expected to renew sanctions waivers allowing Iran nonproliferation work

The nuclear water reactor of Arak, south of capital Tehran, 23, 2019. (AFP) March 31, 2020 The United States is expected to allow Russian, Chinese and European companies to continue their work at Iranian nuclear sites to make it harder for Tehran to develop nuclear weapons, four sources familiar with the matter said [...]

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Europe sends medical goods to Iran in trade test

Instex trade mechanism and its Iranian counterpart would now work on more transactions and on enhancing the system. (ISNA) March 31, 2020 France, Germany and Britain have exported medical goods to Iran in the first transaction conducted under a trade mechanism set up to barter humanitarian goods and food after the U.S. withdrawal [...]

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The IRGC destroy crash site evidence and harass family of victims

People and rescue teams are pictured amid bodies and debris after a Ukrainian plane carrying 176 passengers crashed near Khomeini airport in the Iranian capital Tehran,  January 9, 2020. (AFP) By Shahed Alavi March 31, 2020 Eighty days after the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) shot down Ukrainian International Airlines flight PS752 from Tehran to [...]

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An annual review of lies: “White House made up the lie that Iran shot down the Ukrainian passenger plane”

Debris from the Ukraine International Airlines crash in Iran, January 9, 2020. (AFP) March 28, 2020 On January 8, Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752, bound for Kiev, crashed shortly after takeoff from Tehran’s Khomeini International Airport at 6:12pm, killing all 176 onboard. Following the crash, American and then British, Australian and Canadian officials announced that [...]

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Growing calls for lifting US sanctions on Iran, but will this really benefit Iranians

Ayatollah Khamenei, the Iranian Supreme Leader, met with IRGC and Iranian Army generals-- 30 Jun 18. (IRNA) By Track Persia March 27, 2020 In the past few days, growing voices have called for the President Trump administration to lift US sanctions imposed on Iran in response to the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis. [...]

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‘Iran may well collapse’ under coronavirus strain, warns top EU diplomat

EU's newly appointed foreign policy chief Josep Borrell attends his hearing at the European Parliament in Brussels, October 07, 2019. (AFP) By Joel Gehrke March 27, 2020 Iran’s theocratic regime could crumble under the pressure of the coronavirus outbreak that has spread through elite ranks and the broader population alike, according to the [...]

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Coronavirus chaos in Iran: Rouhani wants foreign aid, hardliners don’t

Workers set up a makeshift hospital inside the Iran Mall, northwest of Tehran. (AFP) March 26, 2020 A visiting Doctors Without Borders contingent in Isfahan has been barred from offering its relief services to coronavirus patients because of indecision, chaos and conflicts surrounding Iranian government organizations. President Hassan Rouhani says three of his [...]

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German court sentences Iranian regime agent to prison for treason

Soldiers of the German armed forces Bundeswehr hold the Iranian flag during a ceremony for the diplomatic accreditation of the new ambassador of Iran to Germany in Berlin. (REUTERS) March 26, 2020 A court in the city of Koblenz on Monday sentenced a German-Afghani military translator to prison for treason for handing over [...]

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Denmark charges Norwegian citizen over alleged Iranian assassination plot

An unidentified man chants as others wave the flag of the Al Ahwaz Liberation Organization during a protest in front of the European Council building in Brussels, on April 18, 2008. (AP) March 25, 2020 Denmark’s state prosecutor said on Wednesday it had charged a Norwegian citizen with assisting an Iranian intelligence service [...]

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