This section is updated with very important papers and articles which explain the religious and sectarian characteristics of Iranian theocracy. Reading this material will allow the reader to understand the core ideologies the Iranian regime since Khomeini’s Revolution in 1979 has based on; to not only establish a strong power base in Iran, but also to appeal to communities of similar sectarian/religious belief in the region, to strengthening its self-appointed status “The Defender of Shii Islam”.

This section aims at assisting the reader in understanding the difference between mainstream “Sunni” Islam and the “Shi’i” Islam and examining the Safavism ideology which promotes the Persian racism and geo-strategic expansion which the current Iranian theocracy uses to revive the Persian Empire. To achieve this goal, this section focuses on historical background of the foundation of Safavid Empire, which caused the deaths of thousands of people from numerous sects, religions and nationalities. It is hoped it will help in unwinding deep-rooted tension caused by the Iranian regime’s radical and revolutionary ideologies that have led to the instability in the Middle East.

Pursuing wilayat al-faqih and expansionist policy caused a turmoil in Iran

By Track Persia September 29, 2018 Despite it has been in turmoil for most of the years since taking power upon the fall of the Pahlavi monarchy in early 1979 led by the late Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, the Iranian theocracy has been overwhelmed by the armed attack in Ahwaz a few days ago. The [...]

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The shah’s legacy: A theocracy shared between ‘moderates’ and ‘conservatives’

Iranians carrying the picture of  Mohammad Mossadegh, the late Iranian Prime Minister of Iran. By Track Persia September 10, 2018 A modern version of pan-Islamist ideology for the Ja’fari branch of Shi’ism emerged in Iran when the clergy took power through a revolution against the Pahlavi monarchy in early 1979. The background to this [...]

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Persian history repeats itself: When Khamenei is held hostage by IRGC

By Track Persia August 25, 2018 Iran’s theocracy, officially headed by Ali Khamenei - who claims that he represents God on Earth – is said to have been taken over by Iran’s Islamic Guards Corps (IRGC)’s leading officers and that Khamenei and his close associates have become “hostages by the IRGC’s extremist leaders. Critics of [...]

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Houthism: From moderate Zaidi Shi’ism to Iranian radical Safawism

Houthis rally in Sanaa, Yemen (Photo: AP) By Track Persia July 12, 2018 Calling themselves Ansarullah (God’s partisans), the Houthis are a numerous clan of Yemen’s Arab stock belonging to a religious but armed rebel branch of Zaidi Shi’ism. They are guided by Iran’s Ja’fari Shi’i theocracy and Safawi movement which call the [...]

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Saudi Crown Prince is a nightmare to Iran’s Safawi theocracy

By Track Perisa April 19, 2018 Iran has been facing an unprecedented challenge to its Safawi theocracy since the reformist Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salman has become the Crown Prince and the future Saudi king. The Iranian regime sees the prince a formidable enemy to its “axis of resistance” in the Greater Middle East and [...]

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The revolutionist Shiraziyya: Why rejecting Khomeini’s wilayat al-faqih

Four men were arrested after the attack on the London embassy on Friday, March 9, 2018. (supplied) By Shatha Al Juburi Track Peria - March 18, 2018 The followers of Ayatollah Hussein al-Shirazi on March 9 stormed the Iranian embassy in London to protest the capture of a religious leader in Qom by [...]

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Iran’s Basij and the regime’s failure in indoctrinating Islam

Basij members parade in Isfahan in 2008. (rferl) By Track Persia - January 30, 2018 The Iranian Basij militia is an ideological organisation founded by Iran’s late Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini. Presently, the Basij has become one of the Iranian regime’s largest security establishment. It encompasses between 1.5 to 15 million members with [...]

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How the Iranian regime uses Shi’ism as an ideological mask to undercut some minorities

Iranian security forces carried out raids and arrests during Eid al-Fitr in Ahwaz. (Supplied) By Tack Persia - December 21, 2017 Shi’ism has been a significant component that holds the Iranian national identity since the success of the 1979 Revolution and the foundation of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The theocratic regime in [...]

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Prospects of imposing Khomeini’s wilayat al-faqih on the traditionalist marja’iyya in Najaf

Shahroudi meeting Iraq's PM Haider Abadi September 2017. (The Iran Project) By Shatha Al Juburi Track Persia - November 27, 2017 Iran’s Supreme Leader ayatollah Ali Khamenei, like his predecessor, the revolutionary founding father ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, is the most powerful person in Iran. He has an absolute authority over all public and [...]

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When the Americans miscalculated Khomeini’s ideology during the course of Iran’s Revolution

Khomeini greets supporters on February 1, 1979, the day of his return from exile in France. (RFE/RL) Track Persia - September 24, 2017 The success of the late Supreme leader Ayatollah Khomeini’s Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979 in overthrowing the shah regime  and the holding of the American diplomats at the American [...]

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