Israel made a ‘very bad gamble’ by sabotaging Iranian nuclear site: Zarif

Construction at Iran's Natanz uranium-enrichment facility that experts believe may be a new, underground centrifuge assembly plant, Oct. 26, 2020. (AP) April 13, 2021 Iran’s top diplomat said on Tuesday that an attack on its Natanz nuclear facility which it blames on Israel was a “very bad gamble” that would strengthen Tehran’s hand [...]

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Iran’s women are valued half of men even before they are born

A woman prays at the grave of an unknown soldier at the shrine of Saint Saleh in northern Tehran, Iran, April 6, 2021. .(AP) By Maryam Dehkordi April 13, 2021 Iran’s judiciary has announced that the rate of blood money levies for a human being for the year 2021-2022 should be 480 million [...]

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One hundred nurses emigrate from Iran each month

A nurse wears protective gear in a ward dedicated for people infected with the new coronavirus, at a hospital in Tehran on March 8, 2020. (AP) April 13, 2021 “The rate of nurses’ emigration has become increased in comparison to the past years, and 100 nurses monthly emigrate from Iran on average. Other [...]

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Iran has identified person who caused power outage at Natanz nuclear site

An anti-aircraft gun position is seen at Iran's nuclear enrichment facility in Natanz in 2007. (AP) April 12, 2021 Iran said on Monday it had identified the person who disrupted flow of power at the Natanz nuclear facility that led to electricity outage in the site, Iran’s Nournews website quoted intelligence sources as [...]

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Iran’s intelligence establishment is spreading propaganda through films and TV

Iran’s Minister of Intelligence Mahmoud Alavi. (Reuters) April 12, 2021 Iranian Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi boasted about the substantial role of the state’s security establishment in the production of local films and television shows during an interview with the reformist Shargh newspaper on February 15, 2021. The goal is to use entertainment mediums as a [...]

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Iranian social media activist flogged 74 times before temporary prison leave

Zohreh Sarv was arrested along with another activist Sina Monirzadeh in a joint case on December 24, 2019. (Supplied) April 12, 2021 Jailed social media activist Zohreh Sarv was flogged 74 times on Monday, April 5, before temporary prison leave. The flogging was carried out while the sentence has already been converted into [...]

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New wave of persecution against Baha’i citizens in Iran

Dozens of Baha’i citizens have been detained or summoned to begin their prison terms over their religious faith. (AFP) April 12, 2021 Baha’i citizens in Iran are facing a new wave of arrests and raids on their homes in several cities across the country. In the past days, dozens of Baha’i citizens have [...]

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31 women and men arrested at mixed-gender party in southwest Iran

A coffee shop was sealed and a lawsuit was filed against the arrested people who had broken the 'norms' and held a night party. (Supplied) April 12, 2021 Thirty-one women and men were arrested at a private party in a coffee shop in the southwestern Iranian city of Mahshahr, judicial authorities announced on [...]

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Thieves in Iran’s car industry

Iran's Saipa automaker manufacturers headquartered in Tehran, Iran. (Supplied) April 10, 2021 Assuming that a list of the names of Iran’s looted people can be prepared, the names of more than 95 percent of the Iranian population should be put on this list. The reason is clear: it is because natural resources, soil, [...]

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Amnesty – annual report of human rights abuses in Iran

Hundreds of prisoners of conscience were excluded from pardons and temporary releases. (Supplied) April 10, 2021 Amnesty International released its annual report on Wednesday, April 7, with a section on human rights abuses in Iran. In this report, with a sharp criticism of the human rights situation in Iran, it announced that the [...]

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