Iranian lecturers protest Shi’ite scholars teaching Persian language

An Iranian cleric student looks at the courtyard of Faiziyeh religious school in Iran's clerical capital Qom, 120 kms south of Tehran, 18 May 2005. (AFP) September 25, 2020 The professors of the Iranian Association of Persian Language and Literature have lambasted Iran's Ministry of Education (MoE) for employing Twelver-Shi'ite seminary scholars to [...]

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What is the Iranian cyber-army’s mission?

Sepah Pasdaran, revolutionary guard hackers, cyber, cyberwar. (Supplied) By Jubin Katiraie September 24, 2020 Conventional wisdom has it that authoritarian states use propaganda to pave the path for suppressing dissidents and executing extreme measures. They use media outlets and social media to whitewash their crimes and disguise victims as offenders. To achieve their goals, authoritarians [...]

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Prisoners on death row in Ahvaz

A mass grave in the southern city of Ahvaz,1988 mass execution. (Facebook) By Aida Ghajar September 24, 2020 The death sentences of four prisoners in Sheiban Prison in Khuzestan province have been upheld by the Supreme Court, and their execution is reported to be imminent. On September 20, authorities released the names of the [...]

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Iran’s coronavirus death toll rises above 25,000

A coronavirus victim in Iran before burial without a family funeral. April 28, 2020 (IRNA) September 24, 2020 Iran’s death toll from the novel coronavirus rose by 175 to 25,015 on Thursday, the highest in the Middle East, with the total number of identified cases spiking to 436,319 in the country, according to [...]

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Mandaeans in Iran: Discrimination begins at birth

Despite their nearly 2,000-year-old faith, Mandaeans are one of the least-known religious minority groups in Iran. (AP) By Maryam Dehkordi September 24, 2020 The Mandaeans are one of the least-known ethnoreligious groups in Iran, although their culture and belief system dates back almost 2,000 years. They are not recognized under the laws of the [...]

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Filmmaker’s appeal quashed as Iranian authorities target wife and son

Mohammad Nourizad during a hunger strike in the past. Undated. (Social Media) By Niloufar Rostami September 24, 2020 On Tuesday, September 22, Mohammad Hossein Aghasi, the lawyer acting for detained journalist and documentary filmmaker Mohammad Nourizad, announced on Twitter that his client’s appeal had been “instantaneously” overruled at a court in Mashhad. The 67-year-old [...]

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A cat on stage leads to banning a play in Tehran

Mohammad Rahmanian, Iranian writer and theater Director, undated. (Supplied) September 23, 2020 The presence of a cat in a play staged in Tehran by the prominent Iranian director Mohammad Rahmanian has unleashed the country's censorship authorities to ban the production. The six-episode play, "Love in Days of Corona [virus]," starring Mahtab Nasirpour, Sima [...]

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Major fire breaks out at a factory near Iran’s capital

firefighters have been dispatched to the factory in the Islamshahr county. (ISNA) September 23, 2020 A fire broke out at an Iranian factory near Tehran on Tuesday, Iran’s state TV reported, the latest in a string of fires and explosions, some of which have hit sensitive sites. “There are no casualties ... firefighters [...]

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Rouhani’s deceptive play with statistics

Hassan Rouhani, Iran's president. (AP) September 23, 2020 At a cabinet session on September 17, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani expressed his joy for not being toppled so far. He mentioned past tough days and statistics that show negative economic growth in the spring. “During the past three months, our economic growth was -0.6 percent, according [...]

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Iranian parliamentarians to receive luxury cars and interest free loans

Lawmakers are sworn in during the inauguration of Iran's new parliament, in Tehran, Iran, May 27, 2020. (AP) September 22, 2020 A member of the Iranian Majlis Parliament, Hossein Ali Haji Deligani, has confirmed that Iranian legislators receive "Dena Plus" luxury sedans. Deligani said a more appropriate move would be MPs receiving a [...]

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