Protesting mothers of those killed during Iran protests arrested in Tehran

Smoke rises during a protest after authorities raised gasoline prices, in the central city of Isfahan, Iran, Nov. 16, 2019. (AP) July 30, 2021 Security forced Friday arrested several women who gathered in Tehran’s Azadi square to demand justice for their sons killed in the November 2019 protests in Iran. Activists published news [...]

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Iran minister fires parting shot at restrictive internet legislation

Iranian ICT minister Mohammadjavad Azari Jahromi (R) in a meeting with members of Iran's parliament on Monday may 28, 2018. (Supplied) July 30, 2021 Communications Minister Mohammad-Javad Azari-Jahromi, who leaves office next week, wrote Thursday that approval of a bill entitled ‘Legislation to Protect Cyberspace Users’ Rights’ would result in "broad restriction of social messaging [...]

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Rage and resignation in Iran over internet filtering bill

The internet has become a formidable weapon in the Iranian people's fight for freedom. (IranWire) July 30, 2021 On Wednesday, July 28, Iran’s conservative-dominated parliament voted to implement a new law that could further restrict Iranians’ access to the internet and social media. The hugely controversial and surreally-named “Bill for the Protection of [...]

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Ali Khamenei blasts the Rouhani administration in final cabinet meeting

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei speaks via videoconference with the Iranian cabinet in the presence of President Hassan Rouhani, August 23, 2020. (Iranian presidency) By Ehsan Mehrabi July 29, 2021 This week the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran delivered a startling reproach to the outgoing Rouhani administration in its final weeks of [...]

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Senior Sunni cleric in Iran says water is not the only reason for unrest

Molavi Abdolhamid advised the authorities to fulfill people’s demands. (Supplied) July 29, 2021 A senior Sunni cleric in Iran has criticized the government’s management of the country and implicitly defending protests in oil-rich Khuzestan province, has said the reason is not just lack of water. Molavi Abolhamid, the religious leader of Sunnis in [...]

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Raisi’s execution tactics exposed

Executions in Iran increased markedly during Raisi’s stint as Judiciary Chief from 2019 until 2021. (AFP) By Sia Rajabi July 29, 2021 Ebrahim Raisi will become president of Iran in just over a week, even though (or perhaps, because) his resume is filled with crimes against the Iranian people and humanity. Shortly after [...]

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Isfahan police chief: No motorcycle licenses for women on my watch

Two Iranian women riding a motorcycle in Tehran, undated. (Facebook) July 29, 2021 Isfahan’s traffic police chief has insisted women in his central Iranian city are not allowed to obtain motorcycle licenses, in defiance of a court ruling two years ago. Mohammad Reza Mohammadi told local council-owned Iran Metropolis News Agency (IMNA) on Tuesday that [...]

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Iran’s parliament moves ahead with internet-censorship bill

Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf speaks after being elected as Speaker of Parliament in Tehran, Iran, on May 28, 2020. (AP) July 28, 2021 Lawmakers of the Iranian parliament in closed session Wednesday approved a proposal to delegate a vote on a controversial bill restricting internet access to the parliament’s cultural committee rather than debate [...]

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More arrests as protests intensify in cities across Iran

Protesters angry over water shortages marched through streets in an oil-rich, restive province in southwestern Iran, July 16, 2021. (Supplied) July 28, 2021 Furious anti-government protests continued in cities across Iran last night, almost two weeks after demonstrations first began over the water crisis in Khuzestan. In videos published from the city of [...]

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Demonstrators in Isfahan torch Khamenei banner as Iran protests continue

Protesters in southwestern Khuzestan province, July 2021. (Iranian media) July 28, 2021 Anti-government protests in Iran continued late on Tuesday, with protesters setting fire to a banner of the country’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in the central city of Isfahan, footage circulating on social media showed. Protests sparked by a water crisis have [...]

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