Iranian labor union leader’s 5-year jail term prolonged to punish his peaceful prison activism

Iranian workers of Azark Ab protesting late wage payments. (Twitter) August 10, 2020 Multiple sources say a jailed Iranian labor union leader has had his five-year prison term extended for another year by Iran’s appellate court in retaliation for his pursuit of peaceful activism while in detention. One source, who is close to [...]

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Iran’s rial regaining value as Central Bank injects $2.5 billion into market

Iranians stand in front of a bank, hoping to buy U.S. dollar at the official rate announced by the government, in Tehran, April 10, 2018. (AP) August 10, 2020 Iran's national currency regained 10 percent of its value on Monday after the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) injected $2.5 billion into the market [...]

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Iran shutters newspaper after expert questions virus numbers

A pedestrian pauses to read the newspaper headlines outside a kiosk in Tehran, Iran, on May 9, 2018. (Getty) August 10, 2020 Iran shut down a newspaper on Monday after it published remarks by an expert who said the official figures on coronavirus cases and deaths in the country account for only 5% [...]

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Haloperidol: Antipsychotic medication used frequently in Iranian prisons

An Iranian man visits the "Qasr prison" in the Iranian capital Tehran, September 2, 2014. (AFP) By Shima Shahrabi August 10, 2020 Kianoosh Sanjari, a journalist and human rights activist who is currently on medical leave from prison, described in a series of tweets the bitter and painful experience of being transferred from his prison cell [...]

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Iran health official warns about worsening pandemic and religious gatherings

Commuters wearing masks against coronavirus on Tehran underground (Metro) on April 7, 2020. (IRNA) August 10, 2020 An Iranian health official on Sunday warned that the Health Ministry's protocols are not likely to prevent the spread of the coronavirus during the upcoming Shiite religious ceremonies and warned about a third wave of the pandemic [...]

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Khamenei’s new catchphrase and the cottage industry to follow

Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, meets Iranian researchers on Sunday June 10, 2018. (IRNA) By Ali Ranjipour August 8, 2020 On July 22, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei unveiled a new word – “distortion.” We have since heard the word used a great deal over the last week. And it seems that it will become one of [...]

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Iran Supreme Court upholds death sentence for Kurdish political prisoner

An Iranian exile shouts slogans to protest against executions in Iran, in Brussels on December 29, 2010. (Reuters) August 8, 2020 Hengaw Kurdish human rights group on Saturday reported that reliable sources have confirmed Heydar Qorbani (Ghorbani), a Kurdish political prisoner in Iran is to be executed soon. According to Hengaw, the sources [...]

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Iran women’s podcast gives voice to victims of abuse

Female commuters board the women-only section of a crowded public bus in central Tehran. (Getty) August 8, 2020 "People's reaction was like it was normal to see a man beating his wife. There's no law, there are no safe houses, and even the police can't do much. Some families also act like they're [...]

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July Iran protests report: 237 protests in 85 cities

Haft-Tappeh workers protesting in Shush, November 19, 2018. (Supplied) August 8, 2020 According to collected reports by sources affiliated with the Iranian Resistance in the month of July, Iranians held 237 recorded protests in 85 cities and 26 provinces, with an average of eight protests a day. Some protests were organized, while some [...]

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Execution of 100 people in Iran in less than 6 months; Ebrahim Raisi’s human rights record

Ebrahim Raisi, the head of the Judiciary. (AP) August 8, 2020 Since the beginning of this year, at least 100 death sentences have been carried out by the Iranian regime’s judiciary ordered by Ebrahim Raisi, the head of the Judiciary. These sentences included ordinary and political prisoners, and in some cases, several death [...]

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