UN nuclear watchdog chief presses for more access in Iran

Director General of IAEA, Rafael Grossi, right, speaks with deputy head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Behrouz Kamalvandi upon his arrival at Tehran's airport, Nov. 22, 2021. (AP) November 23, 2021 The head of the United Nations’ atomic watchdog met Tuesday with Iranian officials to press for greater access in the [...]

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‘Titan of Tehran’ uniquely blends history, memories

Author Shahrzad Elghanayan poses for a portrait in New York to promote her book "Titan of Tehran: From Jewish Ghetto to Corporate Colossus to Firing Squad - My Grandfather's Life." (AP) November 23, 2021 When most of us get curious about our family history, we pay a visit to Shahrzad Elghanayan is [...]

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Economy long sacrificed to nuclear push, says Iran politician

Iran's unresolved economic crisis is a product of paralyzing sanctions on the country's economy. (LAT) November 23, 2021 The leader of a leading reformist group says Tehran is undecided between engaging with the West to save its ailing economy or pursuing its nuclear program. Hossein Marashi, the new leader of the centrist Executives [...]

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Water protesters in central Iran warn government of taking up arms

Iranians gather during a protest to voice their anger after their province's lifeblood river dried up due to drought and diversion in Isfahan on Nov 19, 2021. (ISNA) November 22, 2021 Protests over water shortage continued in Iran’s Shahre Kord city on Monday, with people demanding the region’s water rights after similar protests [...]

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Raisi, Khamenei come under fire for economic crisis, brain drain

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei (L) meets Ibrahim Raisi after the latter was appointed as the head of judiciary in 2018. (Khamenei .ir) November 22, 2021 Critics say President Ebrahim Raisi's wrong choice of officials will hurt efforts to attract foreign investment and is prompting talented Iranians to emigrate. Hossein Kashefi, the former chief [...]

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New protests in Iran over water shortage

Farmers work in a field as smoke from an oil refinery rises in the background, in Tehran, Iran June 3, 2021. (Reuters) November 22, 2021 More than 1,000 Iranians marched Sunday towards the governor’s office in the western province of Chahar-Mahal Bakhtiari to demand a solution to water shortages, state media reported. The [...]

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Iran says 44 million fully vaccinated, half its population

People leave after receiving their Covid-19 vaccines at a vaccination center in Iran Mall shopping center in Tehran, Aug. 9, 2021. (AP) November 20, 2021 Iran announced Saturday it has now fully vaccinated 44 million people, more than half of its population of 85 million. The country has been hit the worst by [...]

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Iran MP’s office torched after protest remarks

Hassan Norouzi, the deputy speaker of the Iranian parliament. (Supplied) November 20, 2021 Unidentified assailants torched the office front of an ultraconservative Iranian lawmaker whose recent comments on deadly anti-government protests in 2019 caused an outcry, local media reported Saturday. “The office front of hodjatoleslam (middle-ranking cleric) Hassan Norouzi, representative for the Robat-Karim [...]

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New bill threatens to criminalize owning pets in Iran

Keeping animals designated “unclean” as pets or walking them would be punishable by a heavy fine of 10 to 30 times the minimum wage. (Getty Images) By Roghayeh Rezaei November 20, 2021 On November 9 the Iranian parliament announced receipt of a bill that, if approved and implemented, would change the lives of hundreds of [...]

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Thousands rally in central Iran to protest water shortages

Iranians gather during a protest to voice their anger after their province's lifeblood river dried up due to drought and diversion in Isfahan on Nov 19, 2021. (ISNA) November 19, 2021 Thousands of farmers and their supporters gathered in the central Iranian city of Isfahan on Friday, state TV reported, in a major [...]

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