Jailed Iranian poet Baktash Abtin dies after contracting COVID-19

Jailed Iranian poet Baktash Abtin is pictured after being hospitalized in July 2021. (Twitter) January 8, 2022 Jailed Iranian poet and filmmaker Baktash Abtin has died in a hospital in Tehran, the Iranian Writers Association has reported. Abtin's death, which was announced on January 8, came after the 48-year-old was recently placed in [...]

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World Bank approves $90 mn in pandemic aid for Iran

Nurses treat a patient with coronavirus disease at a hospital in Tehran, Dec 16, 2020. (Reuters) January 8, 2022 The World Bank has approved $90 million in additional financing for Iran, to help fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, a spokesperson said Friday. The Washington-based development lender's board of directors approved the aid on [...]

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Iran aims to set up Basij paramilitary bases in 11,000 neighborhood

Brig. Gen. Gholamreza Soleimani commander of the Basij. (Fars) January 8, 2022 Iran's Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) has announced plans to set up Basij paramilitary bases in about 11,000 neighborhoods across the country by March 2023. The head of the Basij Organization, under the command of the IRGC, said that there are 50,000 neighborhoods [...]

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Intelligence officers interrogate Iranian expats arriving in Tehran

Iran's International Imam Khomeini Airport (IKIA) Arrival Terminal. (Fars) January 8, 2022 Iranian expats visiting Iran recently have reported that intelligence agents interrogated them at the airport to collect financial and personal infomation. Rouydad24, a news website in Tehran quoted a passenger who arrived in Tehran on a flight from the Netherlands, as saying, [...]

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Token Iranian women allowed into Azadi Stadium to placate FIFA

A select group of women watched the friendly with Bolivia in Azadi Stadium in Tehran on October 16, 2018. (ISNA) By Payam Younesipour January 7, 2022 In the last two weeks, the Iranian Football Federation has sent a handful of female journalists to Azadi Stadium in Tehran to cover Pro League matches. In [...]

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Rent inflation in Tehran forces the working homeless to sleep on buses

Homeless people sleeping on Tehran city buses in late Dec 2021. (ISNA) January 7, 2022 Controversies over "night bus sleepers" and whether to allow people to sleep on city buses have deepened in Iran, as high inflation impoverishes more people. A photo report headlined "The Night Bus" published by the Iranian Students News Agency [...]

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Are these the dying days of Iran’s open internet?

An Iranian man shows his phone while unable to load a social media page as internet service is reportedly disrupted, Tehran, Iran, 17 November 2019. (EPA-EFE) By Amir Hossein Miresmaeili January 7, 2022 In Iran, internet speeds have dropped dramatically over the past month, while access to Virtual Proxy Networks (VPNs) and open [...]

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Newly unveiled statue of Iran’s Qassem Soleimani torched

Supporters of the Iranian opposition movement burned the newly installed statue at the Hazrat Qamarbani Hashem Square in Shahrekord of central Iran, Jan 6, 2022. (Supplied) January 6, 2022 A statue in central Iran of Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force who was killed in a targeted US operation on Jan. 3, [...]

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The forgotten Arabs of Iran

Iranian Arab protest against the Iranian regime in front of the European Council building in Brussels, on April 18, 2018. (AP) By Jonathan Gornall and Maedeh Sharifi January 6, 2022 A century ago, the autonomous sheikhdom of Arabistan was absorbed by force into the Persian state. Today the Arabs of Ahwaz are Iran's [...]

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Health minister blames Iran’s early vaccine crisis on ‘political pressure’

People leave after receiving their Covid-19 vaccines at a vaccination center in Iran Mall shopping center in Tehran, Iran, Monday, Aug. 9, 2021. (AP) By Faramarz Davar January 6, 2022 On January 2, Iranian Minister of Health Bahram Einollahi claimed that during the Rouhani administration, Covid-19 vaccines had been a political sticking-point. While just five [...]

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