Iran’s currency rises on optimism over a nuclear deal

Iranian rials and U.S. dollars are displayed at a currency exchange shop in Tehran, Nov 3, 2018. (REUTERS) February 21, 2022 Optimism over the possibility of a nuclear deal with the United States has strengthened Iran's battered currency for a second time in the past two weeks. The rial rose to 259,000 on [...]

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Truck crashes into entrance of mosque in Iran holy city

An Iranian cleric student looks at the courtyard of Faiziyeh religious school in Iran's clerical capital Qom, 120 kms south of Tehran, 18 May 2005. (AFP) February 21, 2022 A trailer-truck smashed one of the gates at an important place of worship in Iran’s Shia holy city of Qom on Sunday and its [...]

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3 killed in warplane crash in Iran’s Tabriz

An Iranian fighter jet HESA Kowsar, a fourth-generation fighter, is seen during it's first public flight as part of a military parade in Tehran, on April 18, 2019. (AFP) February 21, 2022 A US-built F5 jet in use by the Iranian military crashed into the wall of a school in the northwestern city [...]

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Teachers’ protests sweep across 100 Iranian cities

Iranian teachers are holding rallies demanding fair pay. (Twitter) February 21, 2022 Thousands of teachers staged demonstrations in more than 100 Iranian cities on Saturday, protesting the slow implementation of wage and pension reforms. Members of the Iranian Teachers’ Syndicate said that at least 15 teachers were arrested in the city of Karaj. [...]

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The new wave of emigration and what it means for Iran

It’s alarming that Iran’s semi-skilled and unskilled laborers are now leaving for good. (Supplied) By Roghiyeh Rezaei February 19, 2022 Earlier this week, a member of Iran's Chamber of Commerce announced that it was no longer just highly-educated professionals who were moving abroad, but that plumbers, carpenters, hairdressers, chefs and electricians  — what he described as “ordinary” [...]

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Omicron in Iran: “We’re burying our heads in the sand”

Nurses treat a patient with coronavirus disease at a hospital in Tehran, Dec 16, 2020. (Reuters) February 19, 2022 Health officials believe the sixth wave of coronavirus infections in Iran is now close to reaching the peak. The Health Ministry anticipates the daily number of newly-detected cases will soon top 100,000, driven in large part [...]

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Iran’s parliament rejects ditching food subsidy, fearing unrest

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi speaking with lawmakers on January 10, 2022. (IRIB) February 19, 2022 Parliament has dealt a blow to the Iranian government’s plan to balance the budget by refusing to ditch indirect food subsidies, fearing a public backlash. The parliament’s move earlier this week has been described as the most serious [...]

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Iran’s deputy health minister: Covid did more damage than Iran-Iraq war

The Health Ministry’s official statistics put the number of deaths from Covid-19 in Iran at 134,000. (Supplied) February 18, 2022 "We have been dealt more damage by Covid-19 than we were in eight years of war," Iran’s deputy health minister has said. In a speech welcoming the new president of Gorgan University of [...]

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Khamenei defends IRGC commanders implicated in corruption audio file

Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei speaks next to Iranian commanders during a gathering of Basij. (Getty) February 18, 2022 In his first reaction to an audio file revealing a corruption scandal in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, Ali Khamenei has blamed “enemy think tanks.” In a video speech on Thursday, the Supreme Leader defended [...]

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Prison inmates in Iran forge exam papers in vocational training farce

Prison inmates in Iran are often forced to take low-pay jobs in workshops to cover their daily necessities from prison stores. (Tasnim) By Ziba Yari February 18, 2022 Prison Narratives is a collection of stories told and informed by prisoners. The narrators of the series are both prisoners of conscience and people jailed for non-political [...]

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