Iraq to build first solar projects with China to reduce dependence on Iranian power imports

Iraq is the second largest oil producer among the OPEC nations, but it imports electricity from Iran. (Shutterstock) August 27, 2021 Iraq’s Ministry of Electricity signed on Wednesday a contract with China’s state-owned Power Construction Corporation of China (PowerChina) to build its first solar power plants with a capacity of 2,000 MW, Asharq [...]

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Authorities shut down Iran-Iraq border crossing ahead of Ashura ceremonies

Iraqi Shiite men take part in a religious procession during the month of Muharram in the central city of Karbala, August 14, 2021. (AFP) August 19, 2021 Authorities at a Kurdistan Region border crossing with Iran on Monday shut down operations after crowds swarmed a nearby town to travel to southern Iraqi areas [...]

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Tensions rise as Iranian dams cut off Iraqi water supplies

Local officials says the Darbandikhan dam in KRI was down to 28 cubic meters of water in March, compared to a usual volume for that time of year of 400 cubic meters or more. (DW) August 18, 2021 Alqod Mahmoud stands on the bank of the Diyala River, staring helplessly into the stagnant [...]

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Iraqi Shia cleric sparks ire of top figure in Iran-backed PMU

Shiite Muslim pilgrims walk in front of posters of (R-L) Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Ayatollah Ali Sistani, and the leader of Lebanon's Hezbollah Hasan Nasrallah, in Najaf, Iraq, Oct 12, 2019. ( AFP) August 16, 2021 An Iraqi Shia cleric close to Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani launched a veiled criticism of [...]

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Reduction of Iranian gas supplied to Iraq leads to power system loss

A general view shows a unit of South Pars Gas field in Asalouyeh Seaport, north of the Gulf, Iran Nov 19, 2015. (REUTERS) August 11, 2021 Iraq's electricity ministry said on Tuesday that Iranian gas supplied to the central region was reduced from 30 million to 20 million cubic meters per day, while [...]

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Iran asks Iraq to expel Iranian rebels from Kurdistan region

Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDPI) members inspect damage at their party headquarters in Koysinjaq, east of Irbil, Sept 12, 2018. (AFP) August 11, 2021 A senior Iranian security official urged Iraq on Tuesday to expel Iranian rebels from Iraqi Kurdistan, or expect Tehran to take "preventative measures" against the armed groups, Iranian state [...]

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Iran’s Guards renew pledge to support Iraqi Shiite militias

Members of Iraqi Popular Mobilization Unit (PMU) militias demonstrate their skills during a rehabilitation military exercise in Basra. (Reuters) August 9, 2021 The commander of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), Falih Al-Fayyadh, has said on Sunday that his organization “owes its existence” to former Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, who was killed by a [...]

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Iranian opposition party accuses Tehran of assassinating one of its leaders in Erbil

Musa Babakhani, a member of the Central Committee of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, was assassinated by a terrorist affiliated with Iran in the city of Erbil. (Supplied) August 9, 2021 The Iranian opposition Kurdistan Democratic Party, the oldest Kurdish group in Iran and active in Iraqi Kurdistan, accused Iran on Saturday of assassinating [...]

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Three ‘IRGC agents’ sentenced to death for assassination in Iraqi Kurdistan

Qader Qaderi, a KDP-Iran’s commander, was killed while during a private visit while traveling on the route between Balisan-Chwarqurne. (KDP Press) August 4, 2021 A court in Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, has sentenced three people to death for the murder of a leader of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (DPIK). [...]

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Treat Iraq’s Iran-aligned militias like ISIS

Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces march as they hold their flag and posters of Iraqi and Iranian Shiites spiritual leaders during "al-Quds" Day, in Baghdad, June 8, 2018. (AP) By Ranj Alaaldin August 3, 2021 Iraq is beset with crises. In the scorching summer heat, the country is suffering from electricity and water shortages, [...]

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