Group of Iranian dissidents will visit Israel in first such move

Traditional opposition groups avoided public contacts with Israel. (REUTERS) July 15, 2021 A group of eight dissident expatriate Iranians will visit Israel next week to show “solidarity” with Israelis “in light of latest attacks” by Palestinian militants supported by the Islamic Republic, Jerusalem Post reported Thursday. They will be accompanied by four former [...]

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Bashing water deal, Netanyahu accuses Jordan of helping bolster Iran

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (REUTERS) July 14, 2021 Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu appeared to accuse Israel’s ally Jordan of aiding Iran’s nuclear program via a never-implemented pipeline deal Monday. Netanyahu’s comments were aimed at prime minister Naftali Bennett, whose government recently agreed to double the amount of water Israel exports to Jordan, which [...]

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Israeli Bedouin businessman charged with conveying state secrets to Iran

A woman sits near a sign at Mount Bental in Golan Heights that overlooks the Syrian side of the Quneitra crossing, Feb 10, 2018. (Reuters) July 13, 2021 An Israeli Bedouin businessman has been charged with serious security offenses, including contact with a foreign agent and providing information to Iranian intelligence thorough a [...]

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Lawmaker hints at Israel’s role in cyberattack against Iran

Iranian women wait for a train in a subway station in the capital Tehran. (AFP) July 12, 2021 The Israeli Parliament’s Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Ram Ben Barak hinted at Israel’s role in a cyberattack on Iran’s railway network. On Saturday, Iran’s national railway's website and cargo services were [...]

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Iranian intelligence official reveals chaos in the system

The scene where Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was killed in Absard, a small city just east of the capital, Tehran, Iran, Nov. 27, 2020. (Fars) July 12, 2021 On Friday, July 9, the Iranian website Ensaf News published a revelatory interview with an unnamed former intelligence official. But just a few hours later, the story [...]

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Israel pushing US to keep Trump sanctions on Iran, even if nuke deal resurrected

US President Joe Biden walks from Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, July 7, 2021, (AP) July 9, 2021 Recognizing that the Biden administration is intent on returning to the Iran nuclear agreement in its original form, Israel has focused on convincing the US to leave in [...]

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Israel’s new prime minister to update Iran policy before Biden meeting

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett at the Prime Minister's Office on the first day of the job in Jerusalem on June 14, 2021. (GPO) July 9, 2021 Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has launched an Iran policy review to be concluded before his first meeting with President Biden, which is likely to take [...]

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Israeli reports claim Assad is restricting movement of Iranian militias

Israeli soldiers survey the border with Syria from a military post in the Golan Heights, on Feb 10, 2018. (Flash90) July 8, 2021 Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is redeploying military forces in Syria and restricting the movement of Iranian forces, Walla news reported, citing a top security official. The Iranians no longer have [...]

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Iran clock counting down to Israeli destruction halts amid power cuts

Iranian clock counting down to "destruction of Israel."(Screenshot/Channel 12) July 8, 2021 A clock in Iran that counts down to the destruction of the State of Israel has reportedly ceased working after power cuts sweep through the nation. According to former Al-Monitor journalist Asaad Hanna, the “countdown to Israel’s annihilation clock” stopped displaying [...]

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Iran accuses Israel of June attack on civilian nuclear site

A number of new generation Iranian centrifuges are seen on display during Iran's National Nuclear Energy Day in Tehran, Iran April 10, 2021. (Reuters) July 6, 2021 Iran accused Israel on Tuesday of mounting a sabotage attack on a nuclear facility near Tehran last month, the country’s state-run news agency reported as authorities [...]

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