US, Israel commit to ensuring Iran never gets nuclear weapon

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan (L) meets with the Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in Israel, Dec 22, 2021. (Supplied) December 23, 2021 Top US and Israeli officials reiterated their commitment to ensuring that Iran never gets a nuclear weapon during a meeting on Wednesday. “The delegations discussed the need to confront all aspects [...]

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Israeli PM Bennett meets US security adviser Sullivan on Iran nuclear program

Israeli PM Naftali Bennett chairs a weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem, Israel, Dec 5, 2021. (Reuters) December 22, 2021 Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett held talks with the US national security adviser Wednesday, as Israel reaffirmed its opposition to negotiations on reviving a 2015 agreement on Iran's nuclear program. Jake Sullivan landed in [...]

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Ex-intel chief confirms Israel’s role in Soleimani killing

Iranian IRGC members carry a coffin of Iranian Major-General Qassem Soleimani, head of the elite Quds Force, who was killed in an air strike at Baghdad airport, during a funeral procession in Tehran, Jan 6, 2020. (Reuters) December 21, 2021 Israel's former military intelligence chief says the country was involved in the American [...]

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Mystery of blast at Iran nuclear power plant

The reactor building at the Russian-built Bushehr nuclear power plant in southern Iran, 1200 Kms south of Tehran, October 26, 2017. (AFP) December 21, 2021 Mystery on Monday surrounded an explosion at the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran amid growing tension over Tehran’s nuclear ambitions. Iranian authorities said the 5 a.m. incident [...]

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Israel might take greater action against Iran, Tehran is now weak: Defense Minister

Israel's Defence Minister Benny Gantz speaks at the Reichman University's Institute for Policy and Strategy (IPS) in Herzliya on Nov 23, 2021. (AFP) December 21, 2021 Israel’s Defense Minister warned on Monday of greater action against Iran, adding that it’s time to take advantage of what he described as the current weakness of [...]

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Support growing for an Israeli strike on Iran

A satellite image of Sanjarian site, near Tehran, previously identified as an Iranian nuclear research site, in a satellite image from Oct 15, 2020. (Maxar) By Majid Rafizadeh December 20, 2021 Israeli leaders are again threatening to target the Iranian regime’s nuclear installations as they did in 2013 without making good on the [...]

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Iran pledges ‘crushing’ response against any Israeli attack

A picture shows the reactor building at the Russian-built Bushehr nuclear power plant in southern Iran. (AFP) December 20, 2021 Iran will retaliate with a “crushing” response against any Israeli attack, a commander said according to an Iranian news agency linked to the country’s top security body. “If Israel carries out attacks against [...]

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Iranian ransomware programs take cybersecurity experts by surprise

A poster lists Iranians who are wanted by the FBI for computer hacking, during a news conference at the Justice Department in Washington, March 24, 2016. (AP) December 20, 2021 Iranian hackers have recently launched cyberattacks against vital institutions and facilities in the United States, raising the concern of law enforcement authorities in [...]

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Trump promised Netanyahu to help Israel build what Iran missiles destroy

US President Donald Trump meets Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House on March 5, 2018. (Reuters) December 18, 2021 Journalist Barak Ravid revealed some secrets of the Israeli-US relations during the term of former US President Donald Trump and his feelings of resentment towards former Israeli prime minister and current [...]

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Iran-linked hackers attack Israeli targets: company

Allegations of cyberwar between Iran and Israel have escalated in recent months. (Getty) December 18, 2021 The targets of the attack by the group called "Charming Kitten" included the Israeli "government and business sector", Tel Aviv-based Check Point said in a statement late Wednesday, without providing specifics. "Check Point has blocked these attacks, [...]

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