Iran rules out drone or missile attack as cause of nuclear site incident

The location of a possible crater and the approximate blast and damage area from the explosion and fire at Iran's Natanz nuclear site. (Screengrab) July 31, 2020 A member of an influential Iranian security body said on Friday it had ruled out drone or missile attacks as the cause of an incident at [...]

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What is Iran’s strategy amid Israel-Hezbollah tensions?

Israeli soldiers patrol the cease-fire line between Israel and Syria, as seen from the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, July 26, 2018. (Reuters) By Seth J. Frantzman July 30, 2020 Iran has been surprisingly quiet amid the growing Israel-Hezbollah tensions. Part of that is due to the fact that Iran is running a massive military drill off [...]

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Iran, Hezbollah are unable to fully respond to increase in Israeli attacks

An Israeli Air Force F-35 Lightning II fighter plane performs at an air show in the Negev desert. (AFP) July 28, 2020 Iran and its proxies in Syria and Lebanon do not have the maneuverability to respond to increasing Israeli attacks against them and are unlikely to carry out a large-scale retaliation, said [...]

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Israel says it thwarts Iran-linked Hezbollah infiltration attempt

An Israeli soldier runs to direct an armoured personal vehicle near the Syrian border in the Golan Heights, on May 10. (AFP) July 27, 2020 The Israeli military on Monday said it thwarted an infiltration attempt by Hezbollah militants — setting off one of the heaviest exchanges of fire along the volatile Israel-Lebanon [...]

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Iran state TV: Iranian passenger plane ‘harassed’ over Syria

A plane from the Iranian private airline, Mahan Air. (AP) July 23, 2020 An Iranian passenger plane flying from Tehran to Beirut on Thursday was “harassed” by Israeli fighter jets, Iranian state TV reported, saying the plane managed to safely land in the Lebanese capital. There was no immediate comment from Israel or [...]

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Israel reinforces Lebanon border after Iran-linked Hezbollah threats

Israeli soldiers block the road on the border with Lebanon in the northern town of Metula, December 4, 2018. (AP) July 23, 2020 The Israeli military said Thursday it was reinforcing the country’s northern border with infantry troops “in accordance with the situational assessment.” The announcement comes after a strike earlier this week [...]

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Iran says foreign states may have carried out cyberattacks, plays down their role in fires

Abbas Mousavi, the spokesman for Iran's Foreign Ministry, (MEHR) July 23, 2020 Iran’s foreign ministry said on Thursday foreign governments may have been behind recent cyberattacks on Iranian facilities, but played down the possibility of them having a role in a series of fires and explosions at military and other installations. Since late [...]

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Russia squares up to Iran in Syria as part of “pact” with Israel

Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Kremlin in Moscow on July 11, 2019. (AP) By Ahmad Salloum July 22, 2020 Iran is on the defensive against joint efforts by Israel, Russia, and the United States to push militias backed by the Islamic Republic out of Syria. The [...]

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Iran says explosion near military site due to accident, ruling out Israel involvement

The location of a possible crater and the approximate blast and damage area from the explosion and fire at at Iran's Natanz nuclear site. (Screengrab) July 21, 2020 The explosion that took place near a sensitive military site in the Iranian capital Tehran last month was due to an accident, a government spokesman reiterated on [...]

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Israel strikes southern Damascus, sources say Iranian bases hit

An explosion, reportedly during Israeli airstrikes near Damascus, Syria, on January 21, 2019. (YouTube) July 21, 2020 Syrian air defenses on Monday intercepted a new Israeli "aggression" above the capital Damascus, state media said, in the latest wave of attacks that Western intelligence sources have said were Israeli strikes on a major Iranian-backed [...]

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