Lebanon’s Hezbollah agrees to third shipment of Iranian fuel

Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah group. (Getty) August 27, 2021 The leader of Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah group, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, said on Friday a third vessel of Iranian fuel was agreed to ease crippling shortages in the country. “We have agreed to start loading a third vessel,” Nasrallah said in [...]

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First Iranian tanker carrying fuel for Lebanon departs

Iranian tanker docking at platform of oil facility in the Khark Island on shore of Gulf. (AFP) August 27, 2021 Iran’s Tasnim news agency close to the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) tweeted on Friday that the first tanker carrying fuel for Lebanon has left Iranian waters. The Lebanese Hezbollah vowed last week that Iran was [...]

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US offers $5 mln reward for information leading to the capture of ‘key’ aide to Lebanese Hezbollah

Harb has commanded and supervised Hezbollah’s military operations in the Palestinian territories and several countries throughout the Middle East. (Supplied) August 23, 2021 The US State Department is offering a financial reward of $5 million to anyone who provides information on a Lebanese man affiliated with the Lebanese Hezbollah group who contributed to [...]

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Iran is ready to ship more fuel to Lebanon if needed, says Iranian official

Saeed Khatibzadeh, Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman. (IRNA) August 23, 2021 Iran said on Monday it is ready to ship more fuel to Lebanon if needed, a day after the leader of Lebanon’s Iran-aligned Hezbollah group said more vessels carrying Iranian fuel would sail soon to help ease the country’s fuel shortage. “We sell [...]

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Are America and Iran racing to win hearts in Lebanon?

Anti-government protesters shout slogans in Beirut, Lebanon, Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019. (AP) August 23, 2021 Less than two days after Hezbollah secretary-general Hasan Nasrallah said that an Iranian fuel ship was on its way to Lebanon, the United States announced that it too was willing to help with address the country’s chronic electricity [...]

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Israeli strikes on Syria kill 4 pro-Iran fighters

Syrian air defenses respond to Israeli missiles targeting south of the capital Damascus in an earlier strike on July 20, 2020. (AFP) August 20, 2021 Israeli air strikes on Syria have killed four pro-Iranian fighters allied to the Damascus regime, a Britain-based war monitor said Friday. Syrian state media earlier said its air [...]

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Legal warnings surround Lebanon’s acquisition of Iranian oil

Motorbike and car drivers wait to get fuel at a gas station in Damour, Lebanon, August 13, 2021. (Reuters) August 20, 2021 Legal experts have warned of the repercussions of Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah’s announcement of importing oil from Iran on the movement of transactions, credits and shipping to and from Lebanon, and [...]

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Iranian fuel shipments to Lebanon purchased by Lebanese Shi’ite businessmen

Lebanon’s Iran-aligned Hezbollah group said an Iranian fuel shipment would set sail on Thursday. (AP) August 20, 2021 Iranian fuel shipments to Lebanon to help ease a crippling fuel shortasge were all purchased by a group of Lebanese Shi’ite businessmen, Iran’s semi-official Nournews said on Thursday. The report came hours after the leader [...]

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Hezbollah says Iranian fuel tanker to sail to Lebanon soon

Lebanon's Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah addresses his supporters through a screen during a rally in Jebshit village, southern Lebanon, Feb 16, 2017. (REUTERS) August 19, 2021 The leader of the Iran-backed Hezbollah militant group said Thursday that an Iranian fuel tanker will sail toward Lebanon “within hours,” warning Israel and the United [...]

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N. Korea, Iran supported in building Hezbollah’s 45 kilometer tunnel: Report

Hezbollah's potential tunnel route in southern Lebanon. (ALMA) August 16, 2021 Hezbollah has built a 45 kilometer underground linking Lebanon’s south with inland Beqaa valley under a $13 million deal with a North Korean company specializing in the development of underground infrastructures under the supervision of an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps officer, according [...]

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