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Multiple Iranian drones used in deadly attack on Israeli-operated ship — report

The Liberian-flagged oil tanker Mercer Street off Cape Town, South Africa, Jan. 2, 2016. (AP) July 31, 2021 Several Iranian drones were apparently used in a strike on an oil tanker operated by an Israeli-owned company, killing two on board, unnamed Israeli officials told the New York Times on Saturday. The Israeli officials told the [...]

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Iran and the divisive rule of the mullah

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini observes a March 30-31, 1979, referendum on approving his call for Iran to become an 'Islamic republic.' (Mehr) By Amir Taheri July 30, 2021 In an “audience” granted to a number of anti-Shah intellectuals just weeks after seizing power, Ayatollah Khomeini said that the regime he planned [...]

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Rights organization says Iran killed or abducted 540 people abroad

Supporters of NCRI gather to protest against the government in Teheran in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, July 10, 2021. (REUTERS) July 28, 2021 An Iranian human rights organization has said that it has established the identity of 540 victims who have been killed or abducted abroad by Iran’s security [...]

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Iran’s support for militias must be included in nuclear deal talks: GCC chief

Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Nayef Falah al-Hajraf gestures during a news conference at the GCC 41st Summit in Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia, Jan 5, 2021. (Reuters) July 26, 2021 Iran’s support for militias in the region should be included in ongoing talks in Vienna and the meetings should not be limited [...]

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Iran opens oil export terminal outside strategic strait

Iran has built a 1,000 kilometer (600 mile) pipeline to carry its crude to the new terminal in the southeast from Goreh in Bushehr province. (REUTERS) July 22, 2021 Iran has opened its first oil export terminal outside the strategic Strait of Hormuz, a chokepoint patrolled by warships of its arch foe the [...]

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Iran cannot build a nuclear weapon if we dismantle its infrastructure

An Iranian flag is seen in Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant, Nov 10, 2019. (AFP) By Eddy Acevedo July 20, 2021 July 14 marked the six-year anniversary of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). As negotiations continue in Geneva, the Biden administration holds tremendous leverage as Iran seeks sanctions relief from the maximum pressure campaign of [...]

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33 years after getting demolished by the US, Iran’s navy is flexing its new muscles

The Iranian naval ship Makran seen near Iran's Larak Island in a satellite image taken May 10, 2021. (Maxar) By Benjamin Brimelow July 19, 2021 In June, two important events vaulted Iran's navy into international headlines. The first was the sinking of the IRIS Kharg in the Persian Gulf on June 2. Kharg, a British-built [...]

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Amid negotiations, Iran’s Khamenei unleashes attack on the US

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei speaks during Friday prayers in Tehran. (Reuters) July 19, 2021 Deterring the United States from "bullying and interventions" in Muslim countries is rewarding Jihad, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei tells the Muslim world in his Hajj message published Monday. After months of negotiations with Washington and three European [...]

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Iranian agents are getting bolder abroad

People attend a protest rally in Berlin, Germany, Saturday, July 10, 2021 as part of the 'Free Iran World Summit 2021'. (AP) July 17, 2021 Iran is a dangerous place to discuss oppression. Throughout the eight-year term of former president Hassan Rouhani, known in its early days as the "Hope Government", countless journalists [...]

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How Iranian intelligence hunts down dissidents while protecting al-Qaeda

Masih Alinejad, Iranian journalist and women's rights activist, speaks on stage at the Women In The World Summit in New York, U.S, April 12, 2019. (REUTERS) By Thomas Joscelyn July 17, 2021 The Department of Justice made a stunning announcement this week. Four Iranian nationals have been charged with plotting “to kidnap a Brooklyn journalist, [...]

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