This section is updated with news, updates, and articles that explore the Status of Minorities in Iran. Their life in Theocratic Iran has not been an easy ride.

This section has been set up separately to assist researchers and people who are interested in minorities as a page for direct access to such important topic.

New wave of persecution against Baha’i citizens in Iran

Dozens of Baha’i citizens have been detained or summoned to begin their prison terms over their religious faith. (AFP) April 12, 2021 Baha’i citizens in Iran are facing a new wave of arrests and raids on their homes in several cities across the country. In the past days, dozens of Baha’i citizens have [...]

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The Baha’i doctor tortured and killed after eradicating malaria in Hamedan

Firouz Naeimi and his wife Akhtar Kowsari, undated. (IranWire) By Kian Sabeti April 5, 2021 Dr. Firouz Naeimi, a popular physician in Hamedan, never imagined that one day he would be tortured and executed by his fellow Iranians for being a Baha’i. During his career he served in the provincial health center for [...]

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Iranian Azerbaijani language activist jailed in “five-minute” court hearing

Alireza Farshi has long been one of the most vocal advocates for the linguistic rights of ethnic minorities in Iran. (IranWire) April 2, 2021 The Revolutionary Court of Tehran has sentenced Alireza Farshi Dizajikan, a prominent civil activist being held in Greater Tehran Penitentiary, to another four years and two months in prison. The [...]

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At least 10 Iranian Kurdish citizens detained over Nowruz celebrations

People purchase goods ahead of the Nowruz festival at a bazaar in Teheran, capital of Iran, March 19, 2010. (Xinhua) March 27, 2021 Kurdish human rights activists have reported the arrest of a number of Kurdish citizens by the Iranian security forces, allegedly for taking part in Nowruz celebrations. According to the Kurdish [...]

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Iran temporarily releases elderly Jewish man jailed for living in Israel

The outside of the Evin prison in Tehran. (Getty) March 26, 2021 The Islamic Republic of Iran has temporarily released the 65-year-old Iranian Jew Nourollah Shemian who was imprisoned for allegedly visiting Israel, according to a Tuesday report on the Persian-language website of the Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA). “The temporary release of Nourollah [...]

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Iranian Christian convert with Parkinson’s disease and wife face prison for attending church

Homayoun Zhaveh, 62, and Sara Ahmadi, 42, were arrested by intelligence agents in June 2019. (Supplied) March 18, 2021 An Iranian Christian couple have been told to expect an imminent prison summons for belonging to a house-church. Convert Homayoun Zhaveh, 62, and Sara Ahmadi, 42, were arrested by intelligence agents in June 2019 [...]

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3 Iranian Arab dissidents showed signs of torture before execution, activist says

Iranian Arab protest against the Iranian regime in front of the European Council building in Brussels, on April 18, 2008. (AP) March 13, 2021 An exiled Iranian Arab rights activist has revealed that three minority Arab dissidents executed by Iran’s Islamist authorities last month showed signs of torture before their death sentences were carried [...]

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Crowd attacks Iran coast guard after smuggler shot

A general view of Shahid Rajaiee port, Hormozgan Province of Iran. (Tasnim) March 13, 2021 Protesters attacked a coast guard station in southern Iran after a patrol from the force shot and killed a fuel smuggler, the semiofficial Fars news agency reported Saturday. The report said the attack happened Friday when coast guard [...]

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Leaked government document exposes policies against Baha’is and Dervishes in Iran

The September 21, 2020 document, issued in the city of Sari, called on security agencies and government departments to "conduct strict controls" on Baha'is and dervishes. (IranWire) March 11, 2021 Orders targeting Iran's Baha'i religious minority and instructing local security agencies and government departments to "conduct strict controls" on the Baha'is were revealed [...]

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No country for minorities: The agony of Iran’s ethnic Arabs, Kurds, Balochis and Azeris

Iranian Sunni worshippers pray during Friday prayers in Zahedan, Iran. (AP) By Oubai Shahbandar March 9, 2021 Iran’s persecution of political dissidents has been well documented. But the popular conception of the “Iranian people” tends to privilege the grievances of Shiite Muslims and Persian speakers over those of ethnic minorities. Prominence is invariably [...]

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