This section is updated with news, updates, and articles that explore the Status of Minorities in Iran. Their life in Theocratic Iran has not been an easy ride.

This section has been set up separately to assist researchers and people who are interested in minorities as a page for direct access to such important topic.

Iran sentences three Kurdish citizens to prison for burning Soleimani banner

A poster in Iran showing slain military commander Qassem Soleimani in heaven with three male angels. (Twitter) July 20, 2020 Iran has sentenced three Kurdish citizens to a total of 16 years in prison for burning a banner of slain Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commander Qassem Soleimani in January, according to an [...]

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Revolutionary Guards: 2 people killed in western Iran attack

Iran has been battling Kurdish militants who use bases in neighboring Iraqi Kurdistan to stage attacks against the Guards and state institutions inside the country. (Supplied July 17, 2020 Two people were killed and one wounded in an attack in Iran's western province of Kurdistan, the Revolutionary Guards reported on Thursday. The three [...]

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Iran executes two Kurdish political prisoners in western city

Diako Rasoolzadeh and Saber Sheikh Abdollah were executed in Iran on July 14, 2020. (RF) July 14, 2020 Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) reported that Iran has executed two Kurdish prisoners in the central prison of Urumiyeh in the early morning hours of Tuesday despite pleas from various rights organizations to drop the [...]

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Court sentences 7 Iranian Christian converts to prison and financial penalty

The seven men and women were sentenced by a Revolutionary Court in Bushehr on June 21 for “spreading propaganda against the state”. (ISNA) July 1, 2020 A Revolutionary Court in southern Iran sentenced seven Iranian Christian converts to prison, exile, a financial penalty, and a ban on work and social activities. The Human Rights [...]

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Norwegian found guilty of spying for Iran in Denmark

Police vehicles block a road leading to Copenhagen in October 2018, in response to an Iranian plot uncovered by Danish intelligence.(EPA) June 26, 2020 A Danish court on Friday sentenced a Norwegian citizen to seven years in jail after convicting him of spying for an Iranian intelligence service and complicity in a suspected [...]

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Lengthy prison sentences for 30 Iranian Baha’is

A prison guard stands along a corridor in Tehran’s Evin prison on June 13, 2006. (Reuters) By Kian Sabeti June 25, 2020 Iran’s Baha’is have seen an increase in persecution during the coronavirus pandemic, particularly in Shiraz, the Baha'i International Community has reported. The group issued a statement about the increased pressures on Iran’s Baha’i community [...]

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At least three soldiers killed amid IRGC-Kurdish opposition clashes in northwest Iran

IRGC members march during a parade in Tehran, on September 22, 2011. (Reuters) June 24, 2020 At least three members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps were killed in heavy clashes with Kurdish fighters northwest of the country late Tuesday, according to reports. The clashes between the IRGC and forces of an Iranian Kurdish opposition [...]

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Iran’s regime escalates violent persecution of Baha’is

A representative of the Baha’i International Community to the UN delivering a statement to the UN Human Rights Council on March 10, 2020. (Twitter) June 24, 2020 The Islamic Republic of Iran has ignited a new round of violent persecution toward the Baha’i minority religious group over the last month. Bahá’í World News Service (BWNS) reported on June 11 [...]

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Iran silent on Kurdish activist’s execution

Hedayat Abdollahpour was sentenced to execution following an unfair trial for “enmity with God” in February 2017. (Supplied) June 23, 2020 Iran has withheld confirmation of its apparent recent execution of a Kurdish activist, in the latest example of its long-running practice of secretly executing ethnic minority dissidents. Kurdish activist Hedayat Abdollahpour’s brother [...]

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Government in Iran bans tourism to region where many ‘human mules’ die

Human mules (kolbar) on a mountain path connecting Iran to Iraqi Kurdistan. Undated. (Social Media) By Maryam Sinaiee June 20, 2020 In the past few days a travel agency's advertisement of tours to highly perilous mountain paths where hundreds of "human mules" have lost their lives has outraged many Iranians. The controversy over the [...]

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