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Iran: Black turban follows white turban

Outgoing President Hassan Rohani (left) and President-elect Ebrahim Raisi meet in Tehran on June 23, 2021. (EPA-EFE) By Amir Taheri June 25, 2021 Now what? This is the question Iranians ask these days as they try to absorb the shock of the latest elections which has propelled another turban into the presidency of [...]

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Ebrahim Raisi’s miraculous progress from junior cleric to Ayatollah

Ebrahim Raisi claims that not only he has completed his seminary education, but that he is teaching Kharej and has received his doctorate. (AP) By Ehsan Mehrabi June 25, 2021 During Ebrahim Raisi's first press conference as President-elect, the moderator and some reporters from media associated with hardline elements of the regime addressed Raisi as “Doctor” [...]

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Vahid Haghanian: Ali Khamenei’s lackey comes out of obscurity

Vahid Haghanian is described as the supreme leader’s right hand. (AP) By Ehsan Mehrab June 24, 2021 In the course of the 2021 election season, Iranians once again observed the emergence of Vahid Haghanian, executive deputy of the Supreme Leader's office, from the fringes to center stage. Previously known only for accompanying Ali Khamenei to events [...]

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How might the economy fare under a “unified” Iranian state?

Iranians walk in front of a currency exchange shop in the Iranian capital Tehran on August 8, 2018. (AFP) By Arash Hasan-Nia June 23, 2021 "Let the government be unified and fall completely into its own hands, so that it can be held responsible for everything, good or bad." Such was the argument [...]

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The long game: Was Mojtaba Khamenei behind Raeesi’s win?

Mojtaba Khamenei, the son of the Supreme Leader, who is extremely well-connected and seen by many as his natural heir-apparent. (AFP) By Ehsan Mehrabi June 23, 2021 Plenty of observers have hailed the incoming presidency of Ebrahim Raeesi as an early prelude to his leadership of the Islamic Republic. Others, though, read it [...]

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After a shattering election season, Iran’s reformists are all at sea

Former Iranian vice president Mohsen Mehralizadeh, salutes supporters as he registers his candidacy at the Interior Ministry in Tehran, May 13, 2021. (AFP) By Ehsan Mehrabi June 22, 2021 Even before Ebrahim Raeesi was declared the winner of Iran’s 13th presidential election, members of the reformist camp were shoring up their options. Shortly after [...]

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Iran vote points to hardline goal of long-term power

Women- A voter fills out her ballot papers at a polling station during the presidential elections in Tehran, Iran, June 18, 2021. (AP) June 21, 2021 A hardline victory in Iran’s presidential election has tilted the domestic balance of power towards the country’s anti-Western clergy and away from officials chosen by popular vote, [...]

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Spoiled ballots in the Islamic Republic: From one percent to second place

A voter casts her ballot for the presidential election at a polling station in Tehran, Iran, June 18, 2021. (AP) By Ehsan Mehrabi June 21, 2021 Along with the lowest-ever turnout in the history of the Islamic Republic, Friday’s presidential election broke a second record: that of “invalid” votes. So great was the [...]

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Ebrahim Raeesi’s victory signals darker days ahead for Iran

A supporter of the presidential candidate Ebrahim Raisi, currently judiciary chief, hold posters of him during a campaign rally at the Takhti Stadium in Ahvaz, Iran, June 9, 2021. (AP) June 21, 2021 The following is the content of IranWire’s extraordinary newsletter issued on Saturday, June 19. You can read all our recent, [...]

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Iran’s election disruption: From blackouts to ballot paper shortages

Iranian election officials wait for voters during the presidential election at a polling station in Tehran, Iran, Friday, June 18, 2021. (AP) June 18, 2021 From the early hours of the 2021 presidential election in Iran, there were reports of disturbances and hold-ups at polling stations. Some activists see these as early signs [...]

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