Army denies Iranian ‘intelligence operation’ inside Pakistan to rescue kidnapped soldiers

Pakistani paramilitary soldiers stand in front of a closed gate of a border post in Taftan near Iran on February 25, 2020. (REUTERS) February 10, 2021 The Pakistani army this week denied Iran had carried out an “intelligence operation” inside its territory to rescue Iranian soldiers who had been abducted over two years ago.  Turkish [...]

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Pakistan arrests fourth militant linked to Iran-backed Zainabiyoun Brigade

Iranian-backed fighters in Syria. (Supplied) February 2, 2021 Pakistani police said on Tuesday they had arrested a militant allegedly linked to the Iran-backed Zainabiyoun Brigade, the fourth such arrest since last December and part of what investigators say is sustained action against the outfit.  The Zainabiyoun Brigade was placed on the US Treasury’s financial blacklist [...]

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Pakistan arrests ‘most wanted’ militant linked to Iran-backed Zainabiyoun Brigade

Police commandos patrol near the Pakistan Stock Exchange building in Karachi on June 29, 2020. (AFP) January 28, 2021 Pakistan has arrested a ‘most wanted’ militant it says is linked to the Zainabiyoun Brigade, with investigators saying on Thursday he had received military training in neighboring Iran. The Zainabiyoun Brigade was placed on the US [...]

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Pakistan army says 37% fencing work on Iran border completed

Pakistani soldiers on patrol near the Pakistan-Iran border in Taftan, Pakistan, on February 25, 2020. (AFP) January 12, 2021 Pakistan’s army spokesman said on Monday nearly 37 percent fencing work along the country’s 900-kilometer border with Iran had been completed. The Pak-Iran border begins at the Koh-i-Malik Salih mountain and ends at Gwadar Bay in [...]

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Pakistan discusses combatting drug trafficking with Iran

An Iranian anti-narcotics policeman stands guard beside a display of confiscated drugs. (REUTERS) January 6, 2021 Pakistan’s minister for narcotics control, Brig. Ijaz Ahmad Shah, discussed regional initiatives by Iran to combat drug trafficking, as a delegation led by Iran’s anti-narcotics chief visited Pakistan. The head of Iran’s Anti-Narcotics Police, Brig.-General Majid Karimi, visited the [...]

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Pakistan orders ‘strict action’ against illegal fuel trade from Iran

A boy sits next to plastic canisters filled with petrol brought from Iran, while waiting for customers at a roadside petrol station on the outskirts of Quetta, Pakistan Feb 13, 2019. (REUTERS) December 29, 2020 The government of Pakistan’s southwestern Balochistan province on Monday ordered the head of a paramilitary force and other relevant officials [...]

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Pakistan opens new border crossing with Iran to bolster trade

A Pakistani border security official (R) and an Iranian border official meet at Zero Point in the Pakistan-Iran border town of Taftan, October 16, 2018. (AFP) December 19, 2020 Pakistan and Iran on Saturday inaugurated the Gabd-Rimdan border crossing to increase trade and people-to-people exchanges, officials said. The border crossing point between Rimdan [...]

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Pakistan court asks government about steps taken to extradite Pakistanis jailed in Iran

102 Pakistani nationals currently imprisoned in Iran, 65 had already been convicted. (Supplied) December 17, 2020 The Lahore High Court on Wednesday asked the government of Pakistan to clarify and outline what steps it had taken to bring home Pakistanis convicted and jailed in Iran in a case ongoing since 2018 about the [...]

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Pakistani police arrest two members of ‘Iran-backed’ Zainabiyoun Brigade in Karachi

Zainabiyoun Brigade, Pakistani Shias fighting in Syria and Iran, was blacklisted by the US Treasury. (AP) December 9, 2020 The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) of the Pakistani port city of Karachi said on Tuesday police had arrested two members of the Zainabiyoun Brigade, a militant group that was placed on the US Treasury’s financial blacklist [...]

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Pakistani court asks foreign ministry to expedite return of 44 prisoners from Iran

It has been nearly six months since Iran expressed its willingness to release 44 Pakistani prisoners. (Supplied) November 30, 2020 Lahore High Court (LHC) judge Justice Shahid Waheed on Monday asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs how much more time the government required to bring back 44 Pakistanis imprisoned in Iran, in a [...]

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