Iran rejects Russia’s proposal for ‘interim deal’ in Vienna

European delegations meet Iran’s chief negotiator Ali Bagheri Kani in Vienna on Jan 22, 2022. (ISNA) January 24, 2022 Tehran rejected a Russian proposal in the Vienna talks to conclude an “interim deal” that includes restrictions on its nuclear program in exchange for the release of its frozen assets, NBC News reported, citing [...]

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Two questions about the Vienna charade

Iran's chief nuclear negotiator, Ali Bagheri Kani, arrives at the Coburg Palais, venue of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action meeting aimed at reviving the Iran nuclear deal, in Vienna on Dec. 17, 2021. (AFP) By Amir Taheri January 21, 2022 “Cautiously optimistic!” This is how European Union’s foreign policy spokesman Josep Borrel [...]

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Prayers in the Kremlin: A history of awkward Iran-Russia encounters

Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi praying in the Kremlin, January 20, 2022. (Twitter) By Ehsan Mehrabi January 21, 2022 Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi arrived in Moscow on Wednesday, January 19, 2022. He has prayed in the Russian capital, spoken to Vladimir Putin, and is expected to put in an appearance at the State Duma. [...]

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‘US at its weakest point’, Iran’s President tells Russian Duma

Raisi accused Western powers of forging complex plans "to send Takfiri terrorists on new missions" from the Caucasus to Central Asia. (Reuters) January 21, 2022 Iran’s president told the Russian Duma that the “resistance” of nations such as Iran and Russia has weakened the US and put its “strategy of domination” in disarray. [...]

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Iran, Russia and China begin joint naval drill

Tehran has sought to step up military cooperation with Beijing and Moscow amid regional tensions with the United States. (ISNA) January 21, 2022 Iran, Russia and China on Friday began a joint naval drill in the Indian Ocean aimed at boosting marine security, state media reported. Iran’s state TV said 11 of its [...]

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Iran’s President presents 20-year agreement draft to Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) speaks with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi (R) during their meeting in Moscow on Jan 19, 2022. (AFP) January 20, 2022 The visiting Iranian President Wednesday presented the draft of a 20-year cooperation agreement to his Russian counterpart in Moscow, to update a 2001 version. “Documents of strategic cooperation [...]

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Iranian diplomats sing Putin’s praises as Raisi heads to Moscow

Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi. (AFP) January 19, 2022 The current and former Iranian ambassadors to Russia have thrown their weight behind deeper ties with Moscow ahead of a planned visit to the country by President Ebrahim Raisi, with one claiming Iranians supported the Kremlin under Vladimir Putin. Mahmoud-Reza Sajjadi, whose mission in Moscow ran [...]

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Russia, Iran and China to hold joint naval drill

Chinese Navy fleet in Bandar Abbas, Iran, undated. (ISNA) January 19, 2022 Russia, Iran and China plan to take part in joint naval drills, the RIA news agency reported on Tuesday, citing the Russian Pacific Fleet. It was not immediately clear when the drills would take place. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin will host [...]

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Ex-envoy says Iran-Russia banking ties may help circumvent US sanctions

Iran and Russia are reportedly mulling the idea of linking their banking networks and doing their transactions in their local currencies to reduce their dependence on the US dollar. (Getty) January 18, 2022 Iran’s former ambassador to Russia says increasing banking cooperation between Tehran and Moscow can be used to circumvent United States’ [...]

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Many Iranians critical of long-term China, Russia deals

Iranian FM Javad Zarif, right, and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi, pose for photos after the ceremony of signing documents, in Tehran, March 27, 2021. (AP) January 17, 2022 Many Iranian have been expressing resentment over a 25-year cooperation agreement with China and a proposed 20-year deal with Russia, saying it is a [...]

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