Rouhani says Shalamcheh-Basra railway to connect Iran to Iraq, Syria, and the Mediterranean

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speaks at a news conference in New York, Sept 22, 2016. (REUTERS) May 14, 2021 Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has promised to connect Iran to Iraq, Syria, and the Mediterranean through the Shalamcheh-Basra railway. "Iran's Khorramshahr, Abadan, and Shalamcheh are located in a very important strategic area," said Rouhani [...]

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Iran to open consulate in Syria’s Aleppo

A general view of the airport of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo upon the resumption of commercial flights, Feb19, 2020. (AFP) May 14, 2021 Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Wednesday his country will open a consulate in Aleppo, as approved by the Syrian President to improve trade and economic [...]

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John Kerry denies telling Iranian foreign minister about Israeli operations in Syria

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry (right) and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. (US State Department) May 13, 2021 Former Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday denied giving Iran's foreign minister information about covert Israeli operations in Syria. His comments came after leaked audio showed Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif claiming that Kerry had told [...]

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Iranian militias set up rocket launchpads west of Euphrates in Syria

Iran-backed militias fighters standing next to a sign in Arabic which reads “Deir Ezzor welcomes you” in Deir Ezzor, Syria. (AP) May 3, 2021 Iran-backed militias have set up rocket launchpads in the Deir Ezzor region where the missiles have been directed towards areas under the control of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which [...]

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Iran has funded Syrian militia groups, regime for years to the tune of billions

Hezbollah and Syrian flags flutter on a military vehicle in Western Qalamoun, Syria August 28, 2017.(REUTERS) May 1, 2021 Allegations by the Iranian foreign minister that former Secretary of State John Kerry informed him of  hundreds of Israeli attacks on Iranian targets in Syria is shining new light on the regime’s presence in the country. Kerry [...]

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Iran fuel tanker attacked off Syria

Smoke billowing from a tanker off the coast of the western Syrian city of Baniyas, April 24, 2021. (SANA/AFP) April 24, 2021 An Iranian tanker was attacked off the coast of war-torn Syria Saturday, sparking a fire but not causing any casualties, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. State news agency [...]

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Israel intensifying air war in Syria against Iranian encroachment

Syrian air defences responding to Israeli missiles targeting Iranian facilities near Damascus, May 10, 2018. (REUTERS) April 22, 2021 Israel has dramatically expanded air strikes on suspected Iranian missile and weapons production centres in Syria to repel what it sees as a stealthy military encroachment by its regional arch-enemy, Western and regional intelligence [...]

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Syria expects to receive shipments of Iranian oil, Russian wheat

Iran sent three ships carrying oil to Syria through the Suez Canal. (supplied) April 20, 2021 Iran, Russia, and Syria have established an operations room to secure a safe and stable flow of oil supplies and wheat to circumvent the EU and US sanctions, according to sources in Damascus. State-owned Syrian News Agency [...]

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Iran-backed fighters in Syria killed by Israeli strikes

Syrian air defenses respond to Israeli missiles targeting south of the capital Damascus in an earlier strike on July 20, 2020. (AFP) April 9, 2021 Israeli strikes targeting Syrian regime military positions and a weapons depot near Damascus killed three Iran-backed militia fighters, a Britain-based war monitor said on Thursday. The strikes near [...]

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Four Iranian tankers head for Syria in defiance of sanctions

An Iranian oil tanker is seen floating on the Gulf. (AFP) By Ahmad Salloum April 9, 2021 According to an April 6 bulletin by the website Tanker Trackers, which specializes in tracking oil tankers, an Iranian tanker carrying a million barrels of oil is on its way to Syria through the Suez Canal. The [...]

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