Report: Biden called off strike on Iran-backed militias in Syria

President Joe Biden participates in a virtual event with the Munich Security Conference, Washington, Feb. 19, 2021. (AP) March 06, 2021 President Joe Biden had ordered airstrikes on two targets inside Syria last month but the second was cancelled, The Wall Street Journal reported. “After 10 days of deliberations, President Biden had ordered [...]

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US ‘conditional proposal’ to Assad and Netanyahu 2011: Abandon Iran in exchange for restoring Golan

A poster of Nasrallah with Bashar Al Assad seen on a wall in Damascus. (AP) By Ibrahim Hamidi March 1, 2021 Syria and Israel, through American mediation, were on the verge of signing a peace agreement in February 2011, just before the “Arab Spring” protests broke out. The American mediator drafted an agreement [...]

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The strike on Abu Kamal and future impacts of U.S. use of force against Iran-backed Shiite militias in Syria rather than Iraq

A closer view of an Iraq-Syria border crossing and buildings before airstrikes, February 3, 2021. (Maxar) By Track Perisa February 27, 2021 An Iran-backed Iraqi militia using a base in east Syria Abu Kamal was bombed by a U.S. aircraft in the early hours of February 26. According to U.S. military reports, seven-guided [...]

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Iran ‘can’t act with impunity,’ Biden says after U.S. air strikes

President Joe Biden participates in a virtual event, Washington, Feb. 19, 2021. (AP) February 27, 2021 President Joe Biden said Iran cannot act with impunity and warned Iran to “be careful” when asked what message he was sending the country with the U.S. air strikes in Syria. “You can’t act with impunity. Be [...]

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France says stands by U.S. air strikes against Iran-backed militias in syria

Iraqi PMF fighters stand on a hill at the Iraqi-Syrian border near al-Qaim, Iraq. November 25, 2018. (REUTERS) February 27, 2021 France said it stood by U.S. air strikes against Iran-backed militias in Syria in response to attacks on coalition bases in Iraq, the French foreign ministry said in a statement on Friday. [...]

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Iran strongly condemns U.S. attacks in Syria as ‘illegal aggression’

Iranian FM Javad Zarif wears a protective mask and gloves as protection against coronavirus, during a cabinet meeting in Tehran, March 11, 2020. (AFP) February 27, 2021 Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh on Friday strongly condemned U.S. airstrikes against Iran-backed militias in Syria as “illegal aggression” and a violation of human rights [...]

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President Biden orders airstrike against Iran-backed militia in Syria following rocket attacks against US forces in Iraq

Gen. Lloyd Austin answers questions during his confirmation before the Senate Armed Services Committee in Washington, U.S. Jan 19, 2021. (REUTERS) February 26, 2021 The United States launched airstrikes in Syria on Thursday, targeting facilities near the Iraqi border used by Iranian-backed militia groups. The Pentagon said the strikes were retaliation for a [...]

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Israel will not tolerate Iranian presence in Syria: PM Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Reuters) February 24, 2021 Israel will not tolerate an Iranian military position in Syria aimed at endangering the country, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday. “We will not compromise on the development of high-precision missiles in Syria and Lebanon,” Netanyahu added. Netanyahu commented on Iran’s threats [...]

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Afghan fighter remembers exploitation and abuse by Iran in Syria

As many as 10,000 Afghan fighters may have been recruited by Iran's Revolutionary Guards. (SMO) By Daniel Dayan February 16, 2021 The stories of former members of the Fatemiyoun Brigade who fought in Syria on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Iran are redolent with violence and frustration. The Fatemiyoun Brigade is one [...]

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Pro-Iran Liwa Fatimiyoun militia recruits 205 fighters in Syria’s Hasakah, Qamishli

Members of the Liwa Fatimiyoun militia in Syria, undated. (Asharq Al-Awsat) February 15, 2021 Despite Iran insisting that it only plays an advisory role in Syria, a recent report published by a UK-based war monitor confirmed that Tehran is actively consolidating its influence over regime-controlled areas in the war-torn Levantine country. “Iran continues [...]

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