Russian-Iranian competition heats up in South Caucasus

Moscow's contradictions with Tehran may turn out to be much more sensitive. (AFP) By Kirill Semenov October 19, 2021 During Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian’s visit to Moscow on Oct. 5, one of the main topics of the talks with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov was rising tensions in Iranian-Azerbaijani ties. At a [...]

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Iran says it has been accepted as full member of Shanghai pact

The logo of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). (Supplied) September 17, 2021 Official government media report that the Islamic Republic of Iran has been accepted as a permanent member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Friday’s summit held in Tajikistan’s capital Dushanbe. The government’s IRNA official news website says that President Ebrahim Raisi [...]

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Dushanbe blames Tehran over attack, Iran summons Tajikistan’s ambassador

Tajik Minister of the Interior Ramazon Hamro Rahimzoda addressing a press conference in Dushanbe on July 30, 2018, after four tourists, including two Americans, were killed in Tajikistan by armed attackers on July 29. (AFP) August 2, 2018 Iran’s Foreign Ministry has summoned Tajikistan’s ambassador to protest the allegation of Tehran’s links to [...]

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Tajikistan accuses Iran of training perpetrators of attack claimed by ISIS

Tajik Minister of the Interior Ramazon Hamro Rahimzoda addressing a press conference in Dushanbe on July 30, 2018. (AFP) July 31, 2018 Police in Tajikistan Tuesday appeared to blame a banned opposition party for an attack previously claimed by ISIS that left four tourists dead and was originally reported as a hit-and-run road [...]

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Relief organization sparks controversy over large donations abroad

The Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation’s office in Lebanon is its biggest outside Iran. Among other things, it offers. (Supplied) June 13, 2018 A video about the help that Iran’s Imam Khomeini Relief Committee provides to residents of Gaza has met with anger and sparked controversy, prompting a social media campaign — using the [...]

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Tajikistan’s top clerical body says Iran is fueling extremism in Central Asian country

A mosque in the Hakimi jamoat of the Nourobod district (Rasht Valley), Tajikistan. (News TJ) By Ahmad Majidyar May 29, 2018 The Council of Ulemmas of Tajikistan, an association of the country’s religious leaders, today accused Tehran of attempts to destabilize the Central Asian country. “Iran participated in destabilization of the situation in [...]

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Tajiks protest outside Iranian embassy against alleged support for IRPT

Relations between Iran and Tajikistan have worsened amid accusations by Dushanbe that Tehran has been offering support to exiled IRPT members. (RF) May 22, 2018 Some 50 people gathered outside the Iranian Embassy in Dushanbe on May 21 to protest Tehran's alleged support for the banned Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan (IRPT). The [...]

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Imam-Khatib of Tajik mosque accuses Iran in deaths of 150,000 Tajiks

Abdusattor Yusupov Imam-khatib of a mosque in the Hakimi Jamoat, accuses Iran of deaths of 150,000 nationals of Tajikistan. (News TJ) January 18, 2018 Imam-khatib of a mosque in the Hakimi Jamoat of the Nourobod district (Rasht Valley), Abdusattor Yusupov, accuses Iran in deaths of 150,000 nationals of Tajikistan. In an article that [...]

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Tajikistan: Iran regime has supported the massacre of Tajiks in the 1990s

Tajikistan-Dushanbe. NCRI August 11, 2017 Tajikistan has accused the Iranian regime of involvement in the killing of prominent personalities including the former speaker of Tajik parliament, Safarali Kenjayev, during the 1990s, Radio Free Europe Today announced for the first time on August 8, 2017. In a 45-minute documentary program broadcast on state television, [...]

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Iranian charity in trouble in Tajikistan

Another outgrowth, perhaps, of increased friction between governments in Tehran and Dushanbe. July 28, 2016 The Tajikistan branch of the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee (IKRC)–an Iranian government-supported charity organization–has had its operations temporarily suspended. Tajikistan’s Minister of Justice Rustam Shohmurod, according to Asia-Plus, announced at a press conference that the Justice Ministry filed [...]

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