Iran turns to arbitration for ruling on gas dispute with Turkmenistan

Hasheminezhad gas treatment plant in northeastern Iran from which gas supplies imported from Turkmenistan are pumped into the country’s northern provinces. (Shana) January 7, 2017 The National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) said that it would take the gas dispute with Turkmenistan to an international arbitration, Tehran Times daily reported on Saturday. Last week, [...]

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Iran to file suit against Turkmenistan with int’l courts

Flag Of Turkmenistan January 4, 2017 National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) has announced that it will bring a suit against Turkmenistan with the international courts following the interference of the Turkmen Foreign Ministry in a gas dispute between Iran and a Turkmen company.  The meddling was clearly against the bilateral gas deal, under [...]

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Turkmen halt of Iran gas exports over disputed debt

Hasheminezhad gas treatment plant in northeastern Iran from which gas supplies imported from Turkmenistan are pumped into the country’s northern provinces. (Shana) January 2, 2017 Iran has described as “illogical” a move on Sunday by Turkmenistan to halt gas supplies to the country as a result of a row over outstanding debts. Turkmenistan’s [...]

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Turkmenistan signs last-minute gas deal with Iran

December 31, 2016 Turkmenistan has managed to avert the loss of one of its only two buyers of natural gas with some desperate, last-gasp negotiations. Iran’s Mehr news agency reported on December 30 that Turkmenistan has signed a new gas deal despite demands from Ashgabat for Tehran to pay $1.8 billion in alleged unpaid arrears [...]

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Iran aiming triple power trade with Turkmenistan

November 13, 2016 A new power grid is being developed by Iran which will increase power trade with Turkmenistan to threefold, said Iran’s Deputy Minister of Energy Hushang Falahatian. One of Iran’s highest priority plans is to increase its power trade with neighbors, especially the countries in Central Asia and the Caucasus, he told Mehr [...]

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Iran, Turkmenistan negotiating gas swap

September 25, 2016 Iran is negotiating with Turkmenistan for gas swap, Alireza Kameli, managing director of the National Iranian Gas Export Company, said. Talks are underway for transfer of Turkmen gas to Turkey through Iran, Kameli said, Mehr news agency reported Sept. 21. He did not unveil further details. Iran currently exports 32 million cubic [...]

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Iran extinguishes fire spreading from Turkmenistan

August 20, 2016 Tehran, Aug 19, IRNA – Director General of North Khorassan Province's Crisis Management Hassan Azimi said that fire of Turkmenistan's pastures which had spread to a border region has been extinguished. 'The fire was extinguished with the help of people, border guards, natural resources department and governor's management,' Azimi told IRNA. He [...]

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Iran “doesn’t agree” with getting only 13% share of Caspian Sea

Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Asia-Pacific Affairs Ebrahim Rahimpour. July 15, 2016 Iran “doesn’t agree” with getting only 13 percent share of the Caspian Sea, Deputy Foreign Minister for Asia-Pacific Affairs Ebrahim Rahimpour said, Fars news agency reported July 15. He didn’t mention any specific figure, but said that 13 percent share is [...]

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Turkmenistan, Iran Seek Closer Ties As Antidote To Isolation

July 6, 2016 Turkmenistan finds itself isolated of its own volition, Iran through international sanctions. Over the last month, the two countries, which share a 922-kilometer border, have engaged in a flurry of diplomatic and economic activity that should boost bilateral relations. In late June, Turkmenistan concluded a deal to import $2.5 billion worth of [...]

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Iran doubles Turkmen gas imports in 2015

June 24, 2016 Iran increased gas imports from Turkmenistan by 104 percent to above 9 billion cubic meters (bcm) in 2015 year-to-year, said OPEC’s Annual Statistical Bulletin. Iran’s gas import from Turkmenistan was 4.422 bcm in 2014. Tehran produced 257.623 bcm of raw gas in 2015, about 5 percent more than the previous year, of [...]

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