Venezuela’s Guaido says Iran fuel shipment ought to alarm Latin America

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido speaks during a conference in Caracas, Venezuela, March 9, 2020. (REUTERS) May 21, 2020 Iran’s fuel shipment to gasoline-starved Venezuela ought to “alarm” Latin America, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido said on Wednesday, as five Iranian fuel tankers head towards the South American country. Both OPEC members are [...]

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Iran’s Zarif warns US against disrupting oil shipments to Venezuela

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohmmad Javad Zarif wears a protective mask and gloves as protection against the cornonavirus, during a cabinet meeting in Tehran, March 11, 2020. (AFP) May 18, 2020 Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has warned the US against disrupting its fuel shipments to Venezuela in a letter to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, [...]

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5 Iran tankers sailing to Venezuela amid US pressure tactics

A crude oil tanker sails through the Persian Gulf towards Kharq Island to transport crude oil to export markets in the Persian Gulf, Iran. (AFP) May 18, 2020 Five Iranian tankers likely carrying at least $45.5 million worth of gasoline and similar products are now sailing to Venezuela, part of a wider deal [...]

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US Global Maritime Advisory warns of Iran’s ‘deceptions’

Oil supertanker Grace 1 on suspicion of being carrying Iranian crude oil to Syria is seen near Gibraltar, Spain, July 4, 2019. (Reuters) May 16, 2020 In its newly released Global Maritime Advisory (GMA), the U.S. government has advised the world's shipping lines to be vigilant about "Iran's, North Korea's and Syria's deceptions". [...]

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U.S. weighs measures in response to Iran fuel shipment to Venezuela

An oil tanker is seen off the port of Bandar Abbas, southern Iran. (AFP) May 15, 2020 The United States is considering measures it could take in response to Iran’s shipment of fuel to crisis-stricken Venezuela, a senior Trump administration official told Reuters on Thursday. Washington has a “high degree of certainty” that [...]

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Why Iran’s Bourse is lower than Venezuela and Zimbabwe?

Iranian stock exchange in the capital Tehran, August 2018. (MEHR) May 11, 2020 “Iran’s Bourse with 60 million stockholders will become the largest Bourse in the world,” claimed Alireza Saleh, the head of Iran’s privatization organization, on April 29. This claim, of course, no longer deceives anyone while the coronavirus has left tens [...]

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Iran using Venezuela to advance its revolutionary interests

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, right, meets Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro at his residence in Tehran, Jan. 10, 2015. (AP) By Majid Rafizadeh May 9, 2020 Although the Iranian regime is known for sponsoring and building alliances with Shiite state and non-state actors, Tehran’s alliance strategy is also based on partnering with a variety [...]

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Desperate for cash and help, Venezuela hands nine tons of gold bars to Iran

Members of a military agency that transports valuables gold bars from a military plane to be taken to Venezuela's Central Bank, at the Carlota military airport in Caracas, March 1, 2018. (AP) May 2, 2020 Out of cash and desperate for help in propping up its oil industry, Venezuela is raiding its gold [...]

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Pompeo urges end to overflight rights for Iran airline flying to Venezuela

A plane from the Iranian private airline, Mahan Air. (AP) April 30, 2020 U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday called on countries to deny overflight rights to Mahan Air, an Iranian airline under U.S. sanctions, which he said recently delivered cargoes of “unknown support” to the Venezuelan government. The United States [...]

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Venezuela receives material from Iran to help restart refinery

Venezuela is suffering from an acute shortage of motor fuel due to the near total collapse of its 1.3-million-barrels-per-day refining network. (AP) April 24, 2020 Venezuela has received refining materials via plane shipment from Iran to help it start the catalytic cracking unit at the 310,000 barrels-per-day Cardon refinery, which is necessary to [...]

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