Russian military vehicles are seen in eastern Ghouta near Douma, in Damascus, Syria April 23, 2018. (REUTERS)

June 27, 2020

A member of the Russian-backed Syrian militia Fifth Corps was arrested at a checkpoint by the town of Al-Harak, in the eastern Daraa countryside, on 25 June, prompting the Fifth Corps to storm the checkpoint and to demand the release of the detainee. The checkpoint is under the control of the Iranian-backed Air Force Intelligence.

IranWire can report that the Air Force Intelligence, which controls the Al-Harak checkpoint, arrested one Hammam Hammadi, a member of the Eighth Brigade in the Fifth Corps led by Ahmad Al-Awda. The reason for the arrest is not yet known.

After the arrest, members of the Fifth Corps surrounded the Air Force Intelligence checkpoint, vowing to force Hammadi’s release. This led to clashes with light and medium weapons – obliging the Security Committee in the southern region led by Major General Hessam Luqa to intervene. No further information on the fate of the detainee is available at this time.

The city of Jasim, in the western countryside of Daraa, is also witnessing military tensions between the opposition and the Syrian regime’s state security apparatus, which arrested the former leader of the opposition forces, Fadi Mahasnah.

On 25 June, regime forces released 50 prisoners, most of whom have criminal charges against them, while security branches launched a new arrest campaign in the towns of Dail and Sheikh Miskeen.

Iran Wire

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