President Rouhani met with the Vice-President of Indonesia Muhammad Jusuf Kalla and described Iran-Indonesia ties as developing and positive, stressing the development of Tehran-Jakarta relations.

 In this meeting which happened late on Thursday on the sidelines of the OIC Summit in Turkey, Dr Rouhani mentioned the new era in the relations of the two countries and said: “Consultation and interaction of the officials of Iran and Indonesia accelerates the bilateral ties”.

Referring to last year’s negotiations between the Presidents of Iran and Indonesia on various plans of cooperation, he also said: “Today with the sanctions lifted and banking relations established, the required groundwork has been set for a boost in economic cooperation of the two countries”.

The President went on to say that Iran and Indonesia have ample opportunities and capacities for cooperation in different fields including energy and industries, tourism, science, culture and research.

“Close Iran-Indonesia cooperation in solving regional issues ad combatting terrorism and extremism as a crisis for Islam and the world will be very effective and significant” added Rouhani talking about maintaining the rights of the Palestinian people.

On some western countries’ use of terrorist groups to advance their political goals, he said: “This issue has turned into a threat for themselves and unfortunately, despite this experience, some countries in the region are after using terrorism as a means”.

In this meeting, Indonesian Vice-President congratulated Iran’s successful negotiations with the 5+1 countries and the lift of sanctions and said: “Iran’s success created the opportunity for using great potentials of cooperation with Iran in order to foster relations between the two countries”.

At the end of the meeting, Jusuf Kalla said that the President of Indonesia is going to visit Iran in the near future.