Iranian security stand guard to protect Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Tehran. (AP)

January 6, 2016

Djibouti cut its diplomatic relations with Iran on Wednesday in solidarity with Saudi Arabia, Al-Arabiya news channel said, quoting an official source.

Djibouti thus became the fourth country after Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Bahrain to cut ties with Iran after the attack on Saudi missions in Tehran and Mashhad by apparently organized mobs.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) partially downgraded its relations with Iran, while Kuwait has recalled its envoy from Tehran after the attack on Saudi missions in Iran by an apparently organized mob. Egypt has also expressed its solidarity with Saudi Arabia, condemning Iran’s repeated interference in regional affairs.

In Amman, state news agency Petra said Jordan summoned Iran’s ambassador to condemn the attacks and “Iranian interference” in Arab affairs.

Oman, meanwhile, denounced the attacks on the Saudi diplomatic posts in Iran as “unacceptable”, while Turkey said the execution of Shiite radical Nimr Al-Nimr that sparked the Iranian attacks was a domestic issue.

The Jordanian government stressed its condemnation “of the Iranian interference in the internal affairs of Arab states,” the Petra news agency said. It also rejected Iranian statements it said represented “interference in internal Saudi affairs.”
The Iranian ambassador was told to relay the Jordanian position to his government immediately.

In Doha, Oman’s Foreign Affairs Ministry also slammed Iranian interference, even though it has not announced any downgrading of ties ties with Tehran.
The sultanate expressed “great sorrow” over the attacks and emphasized “the importance of establishing new norms (to) prohibit any form of interference in the internal affairs of other states in order to achieve stability and peace.”
In Ankara, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday executions in Saudi Arabia were a domestic issue as he denounced those who were making a big issue out of it.
In a speech to local officials, Erdogan said those who remained silent about the deaths of people in Syria’s civil war were now causing uproar over the execution of one person in Saudi Arabia. His remarks were in apparent reference to Iran, which, together with Russia, had been an ardent backer of the Bashad Assad regime.


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