Mohammad-Reza Nasab Abdollahi was to six months in prison on the charge of “dissemination of false information.” In 2005, (IranWire)

April 27, 2019

Mohammad-Reza Nasab Abdollahi, the editor-in-chief of Anar Press and Aban Press, was arrested by security forces on the afternoon of Saturday, April 21 in his hometown of Anar in Kerman province. Since his arrest, authorities have transferred Abdollahi to an undisclosed location.

According to the Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Abdollahi’s wife posted on Instagram that after the security officers raided their home, they also raided Abdollahi’s mother’s home and confiscated his belongings, including a laptop and notes.

Prior to the recent arrest, another court had sentenced Mohammad-Reza Nasab Abdollahi to six months in prison on the charge of “dissemination of false information.”

In 2005, he spent six months in prison in the city of Rafsanjan, also in Kerman province. He was released after he served his sentence and paid a fine of US$100.

Iran Wire

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