Hezbollah fighters stand atop a car mounted with a mock rocket, as they parade during a rally in the southern village of Seksakiyeh, Lebanon. (AP)

December 3, 2021

Five suspects were arrested in Kuwait for financing Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah group, a month after 18 individuals were arrested for the same charges, Kuwaiti newspaper al-Qabas reported Thursday.

Al-Qabas said the number of people accused in the Hezbollah financing case in Kuwait is “increasing and new names may be involved.”

Citing an informed source, the newspapers that five new individuals were arrested in this case, bringing the total number to 23 accused, 12 of whom will continue to be imprisoned until later this month.

“The source said that investigations are underway with other defendants to infer their relationship with those who had been accused, but the case has been classified as a state security issue,” al-Qabas reported.

According to the newspaper, the five defendants denied the charges against them, stressing that their role is limited to charitable work, adding that they had not financed Hezbollah.

Last month, Kuwait’s prosecution detained 18 individuals suspected of financing the Lebanese Hezbollah group.

Al Arabiya

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