An Iranian policewoman, in full-length black chadors, stopping a lady for breaching the dress code. (Supplied)

December 10, 2021

A video captured on a public bus in Iran appears to show passengers stopping an undercover morality officer from removing a woman from the vehicle.

The footage, shared by Iranian rights activist Masih Alinejad, appears to show a young woman with her hair loose being accosted by an older woman, who is trying to force the younger woman off the bus.

But before she can remove her from the bus other women intervene, telling her to “get lost” and “give up.”

They intervene physically, and the older woman, believed to be an undercover agent for Iran’s “morality police” — aimed at enforcing religious rules on the population — is removed by the public from the bus.

It is required in Iran for women to wear headscarves, though many opt for loose coverings while others choose to wear items that conceal them more. It is not clear where in Iran the footage was filmed.

Arab News

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