August 30, 2016

Iran’s Friday Prayer leaders have repeated a warning by the Supreme Leader to President Rouhani that he must concentrate on running the country rather than campaigning for re-election next day.

In Tehran, Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi said there should be no “political grandstanding and campaigning” as “it is not clear whether [the Rouhani Government] will have another opportunity to serve the people”.

Earlier this week, the Supreme Leader publicly cautioned Rouhani in a meeting with the President and the Cabinet, ruling out any preparations for a campaign as the Government must focus on how to “serve the nation”.

Sedighi also reiterated Ayatollah Khamenei’s line that the Government has been too weak in dealing with the US, blaming it for not “not being ready” to mention Washington’s “unfaithfulness” in implementation of the nuclear agreement.

The Qom prayer leader, Hojatoleslam Mohammad Saidi, echoed the criticism and also pushed the Supreme Leader’s pressure over economic policy, saying the Government must “pay special attention” to boosting domestic production. The Ahvaz prayer leader, Ayatollah Mohsen Heydari, said official must “solve as quickly as possible” the poor economic conditions facing Iran.

And in Mashhad, Friday prayer leader Ayatollah Ahmad Alamolhoda warned his audience not to imitate the Rouhani administration’s “promotion of cultural indifference and strengthening of secular elements”.

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