March 10, 2016

In a press release issued at the end of the fifth joint meeting of the ministers, the group also condemned the attacks on the Saudi embassy in Tehran and the consulate in the Iranian city of Mashhad. The Iranian authorities remain fully responsible for these “terrorist” acts, they said.

In addition, the group reaffirmed their two-part strategy against terrorism in the region: fighting terrorist groups with military forces and pursuing a campaign to drain their funding. The ministers unanimously pagreed to fight against the “deviant” terrorist tideologies in contrast to Islamic values and praised the international and regional efforts being made in this regard.

In terms of Iranian interference in the region, the foreign policy leaders affirmed the sovereignty of the United Arab Emirates over the three islands of Greater Tumb, Lesser Tumb , and Abu Musa. They “stressed” that any actions taken by Iran on or regarding the islands are “null and void, ” while calling on Iran to respond to suggestions by the UAE to seek a resolution to the dispute through direct negotiations or the International Court of Justice.

The group also agreed to continue their “unwavering stance” supporting the Palestinian cause, as well as other regional issues of common interest, the release said.

While urging the international community to take responsibility in providing for Syrian refugees, the ministers praised their own governments for their progress in easing the suffering of the Syrians fleeing a 6-year civil war with no end in sight.

Source: Morocco World News

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