Hezbollah flags flutter as a convoy of tanker trucks carrying Iranian fuel oil arrive at al-Ain village in northeastern Lebanon, Sept 16, 2021. (Reuters)

October 8, 2021

Fuel shipments sent from Iran to Lebanon in recent weeks are part of a public stunt by Hezbollah, the US State Department said Thursday.

“Broadly speaking, fuel from a country subject to sanctions like Iran is not, very clearly, a sustainable solution to Lebanon’s energy crisis,” State Department Spokesman Ned Price said at a briefing.

“We support efforts to find transparent and sustainable energy solutions that will address Lebanon’s acute shortages. This is, in our minds, Hezbollah playing a public relations game, not engaged in constructive problem-solving,” Price added.

For the third time in less than two months, an Iranian fuel tanker docked and unloaded at the Syrian port of Baniyas this week.

The shipments are coming into Lebanon as part of Hezbollah’s claimed efforts to help ease the fuel and energy crisis that has marred Lebanon for months.

Iran has been sending fuel to Lebanon via Syria due to US sanctions that could further devastate a crumbled Lebanese economy if the ships docked in Beirut.

Al Arabiya

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