August 11, 2016

The Iranian regime’s state suppressive forces (police) have in recent days arrested 769 people in a repressive plan called “Zolfaghar 8 Plan” in Qom Province, south of Tehran.

Revolutionary Guard Kazem Mojtabaee, chief of police in Qom, justified this repressive measure and claimed they were persistent law breakers who did not comply with social norms.

He added: “More than 500 staff of the police in Qom, in intelligence, security and operational units in both clandestine and open operations began the operation in 100 locations and predetermined sites with prior coordination and on receiving separate orders.”

Mehr news agency quoted him on August 8 as saying: “53% of those arrested are unemployed and this means that in creating jobs and production criteria, we were not able to work well.”

The mullahs’ regime routinely launches crackdowns in cities in society on the bogus guise of combatting vice in order to spread fear in society and prevent anti-regime protests from erupting.


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