A mobile short-range ballistic missile used by the Houthis militants in Yemen. (INU)

September 19, 2019

Yemen’s Houthi militia, which claims it was behind the weekend attack on Saudi oil facilities, said on Wednesday it has dozens of sites located in the United Arab Emirates listed as possible targets for attacks.

A military spokesman of the Iran-back militia group said the Houthis have new drones, powered by “normal and jet engines” that can reach targets deep in Saudi Arabia.

Arab Coalition Spokesperson Colonel Turki al-Maliki said on Wednesday that Saturday’s attacks on two of Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities were “unquestionably sponsored by Iran” and “did not originate from Yemen despite Iran’s best efforts to make it appear so.”

On Saturday drone attacks caused fires at two Saudi Aramco facilities, in Abqaiq and Hijrat Khurais oilfield. He said those attacks are an extension of attacks on Afif and Dawadmi which occurred on May 14.

US intelligence shows that the attack originated from Iran and the Arab Coalition’s preliminary findings showed the weapons were made by Iran.


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