King Salman bin Abdulaziz chairs a cabinet session. (SPA)

March 11, 2020

Saudi Arabia condemned Iran on Tuesday for facilitating the entry of Saudi citizens into its territories without stamping their passports amid the global outbreak of the new coronavirus.

The Cabinet, chaired by King Salman, slammed Tehran for undermining international efforts to combat the virus and said that Iran was responsible for the spread of the virus.

The ministers also reviewed government efforts in preventing the spread of the virus.

The Cabinet highlighted the World Health Organization’s (WHO) praising of Saudi Arabia’s efforts in protecting public health. It lauded King Salman for meeting the WHO’s call for emergency aid to help combat the global outbreak.

Saudi Arabia has provided $10 million to the WHO for the implementation of urgent measures to minimize the spread of the disease and to support countries with vulnerable health infrastructures.

The Cabinet vowed that the Kingdom will continue to follow the latest developments related to the outbreak and provide complete support to all organizations concerned with combating it.

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