A group of protesters chant slogans at the main gate of old grand bazaar in Tehran, Iran, Monday, June 25, 2018. (AP)

Track Persia- July 6, 2018

Anti-Palestinian chants in Iran have been condemned by the Palestinian movement Fatah, which de facto runs the West Bank.

Iranians have been protesting since late last year against the deteriorating economic situation in the country, with many blaming the government for investing so much money in foreign wars in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen – and in one video last week, protesters chanted “death to Palestine.”

Osama al-Qawasemy, the Fatah spokesman, published a statement on behalf of the group.

The statement read: “We condemn the low chants that came out of the mouths of some of the Iranians protesting against the economic situation, against the resisting Palestinian people and that hoped for death against the Palestinians.

“Do the Iranians think that their past or present government gave one penny to the Palestinian people? This is entirely incorrect.

“It is shameful that some think that the economic crisis in Iran is caused by support for the Palestinian people, as Iran has not provided anything to the Palestinian people, despite the Fatah movement and the Palestinian Liberation Organization standing by Khomeini’s revolution in 1979. And we never insulted them verbally and physically and we never interfered with their domestic affairs.

“Any support must have clear evidence that it affected the lives of the Palestinian people and their steadfastness, and none of the Palestinian people have seen or heard of Iranian support at all, and we have not seen or heard that Iran contributed to the building of a school or university or hospital or any developmental project.

“And if some of the Iranian think that their support for some party is support for the Palestinian people, then this is a fantasy and a huge mistake. Iran with its support for Hamas does not support the Palestinian people at all.”

The chants will prove embarrassing for Iran, which has historically justified its oppression at home and abroad by claiming it is defending Palestine from the Israel.

Fatah’s statement will add to that embarrassment, as it clearly states that Iran has done nothing concrete for Palestine except preach empty slogans.

The embarrassment comes as the protests in Iran intensify. In Khorramshahr, southwest Iran, protesters clashed with police over a lack of drinking water – a basic service that Iran is unable to deliver to its people.

Traders at Iran’s Grand Bazaar shut down their famous place of work in protest at rising prices and the death spiral the Iranian currency seems to be in. The BBC reported that it was the biggest protest in Tehran since 2012.

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