Apr 28, 2017

Deputy Foreign Minister for Legal and International Affairs Abbas Araqchi says talks are underway for purchase of 950 tons of yellow cake from Kazakhstan.

“Consultations for purchase of 950 tons of yellow cake from Kazakhstan are not yet over and go on,” Araqchi, who is also head of the joint commission monitoring the implementation of the 2015 nuclear accord between Tehran and six world powers, said earlier this week.

Speaking prior to the commission session in Vienna, Araqchi said all cases regarding the US breach of commitments, procrastination and confrontation will be raised in the session, and of course the moves will be referred that are believed being in defiance of the JCPOA.

“The claims, raised by the US President and other official statespersons, on the policy of reconsideration, evaluation and review of the JCPOA and its creating the atmosphere of distrust and bewilderment for the world, are contrary to the JCPOA and its spirit and content.”

As for the UK protest to Iran’s purchase of 950 tons of yellow cake from Kazakhstan, Araqchi said talks to that end have not yet come to an end and are underway, Kazinform has learned from IRNA. “There are still questions whether the amount of the yellow cake are what Iran needs today,” said Araqchi adding, “Absolutely, the amount of yellow cake will be more aimed to address our needs in the coming years.” “We are now working on it.

Talks on the issue are underway: Certain groups agree and certain others oppose it.” The 7th Iran-G5+1 Joint Commission Session opened in Vienna, attended by representatives of Iran and the EU.


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