An Iranian woman tries out an iPhone in an electronics shop selling Apple products in Tehran, Iran, Aug. 5, 2015. (IRNA)

April 17, 2019

Iranian lawmakers are preparing a “double-urgency” bill to sanction the American company Apple, Khabar Online news website reported April 16.

The website mentions “iPhone company”, which is meant to say Apple, but it is not clear if the wrong wording is taken form the parliamentary draft law.

The United States has imposed severe economic sanctions on Iran in 2018, resulting in unprecedented fast devaluation of the country’s currency and a 50 percent drop in its oil exports.

The U.S. also designated the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps as a “Foreign Terrorist Organization” in April, which led to strong protests by Iranian politicians.

Earlier, Iranian parliament’s national security commission had announced that fifteen draft laws are being prepared “to confront U.S. actions against Iran”. These drafts proposals it said will be introduced “gradually”.

American businesses have no presence in Iran.

Radio Farda

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