A map of Qatar is seen in this picture illustration June 5, 2017. (REUTERS)

May 14, 2018

An Iranian delegation of 70 experts and businessmen from the private and public sectors by the country’s deputy minister of industry, mines and trade landed in Doha for a two-day meeting.

The delegations lead by Mohammed Reza Fayyad said that during the joint-economic meeting in Doha, both countries are expected to discuss many of the outstanding issues, according to Iranian news agency IRNA.

“There are five committees that hold specialized meetings to deal with various issues related to trade, mines, customs, oil, petrochemicals, exports and banking,” Fayyad was quoted as saying.

“Close cooperation between Iran and Qatar is taking a new direction and moving towards strengthening relations. Although the volume of trade exchange with Qatar is very small, trade exchange is expected to witness remarkable progress through appropriate planning,” he added.

The deputy minister added there was “no serious obstacle” to Iran and Qatar strengthening bi-lateral relations and that they “expect to reach desired results through planned programs”.

IRNA said that the meeting in Doha is the sixth so far between Iran and Qatar.

A quartet of Arab states continues its boycott of Qatar, in part over relations that Doha maintains with Tehran and Iran’s continued links as a terror sponsor in the region.

Al Arabiya

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