Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen previously recalled its ambassador to Iran after it accused Tehran of plotting a foiled ‘attack’ in Demark. (AFP)

October 31, 2018

Iran’s foreign ministry summoned the Danish ambassador on Wednesday, following the arrest of an Iranian-Norwegian national for allegedly plotting an attack in Denmark.

According to statement from the ministry, the Danish ambassador met with a senior official for European affairs at the foreign ministry Wednesday morning.

“In this meeting the official strongly denied the biased reports on a foiled attack plot on an Iranian dissident in Denmark and its attribution to the Islamic republic of Iran,” spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said, warning against “hasty and controversial actions.”

Meanwhile, the British government has also expressed deep concern over recent reports of Iranian assassination attempts abroad.

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said on Tuesday that his country fully supported Denmark’s move in the face of illegal Iranian intelligence activities.

The statement came after Denmark’s foreign ministry recalled its ambassador to Iran for consultations in response to an alleged plot from Tehran which targeted to assassinate the leader of the Danish branch of the Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz. Iran’s ambassador to Denmark Morteza Muradine was also summoned for a meeting

A Norwegian citizen of Iranian background was arrested on Oct. 21, Denmark’s security service chief Finn Borch Andersen said, on suspicion he was aiding an unknown Iranian intelligence service “to act in Denmark” and for involvement in planning to kill an opposition member.

“We are dealing with an Iranian intelligence agency planning an attack on Danish soil. Obviously, we can’t and won’t accept that,” Andersen told a news conference.

The unidentified suspect denied wrongdoing in a court appearance and is now in pre-trial custody until Nov. 8.

AFP/Arab News

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