Weapons and equipment, believed to be from Iran, are displayed aboard the deck of USS Forrest Sherman after they were seized from a smuggling boat on Sept. 27, 2015. (AP)

March 8, 2021

Iran supplied the weapons that were used in the attack on Aramco’s oil port and facilities in Saudi Arabia, the Arab Coalition’s spokesperson Colonel Turki al-Maliki told Al Arabiya.

The Houthi attack was “terrorist act” and was supported by hostile countries in the region, al-Maliki said, referring to Iran. Iran backs the Yemen-based militia in its war against the internationally-recognized government and its allies by supplying the group with missiles, drones, and other weaponry.

“The Houthi militia, which is releasing ballistic missiles and others of different capabilities, does not respect international law,” al-Maliki said.

A drone attacked a Saudi oil port and a ballistic missile targeted facilities of energy giant Aramco in the country’s east on Sunday, the Kingdom’s Ministry of Energy said.

The drone that was used to attack a petroleum tank farm at Ras Tanura port was launched from the sea, according to an official statement, while shrapnel from a ballistic missile fell near Aramco’s residential area in Dhahran.

No casualties or injuries have been reported, according to authorities.

The spokesperson confirmed that the Arab Coalition has the capabilities to protect the Kingdom’s economic facilities.

“We have the ability to protect Saudi economic facilities,” he said.

“The Saudi Armed Forces succeeded in bringing down the armed drones,” al-Maliki said, adding that Saudi Arabia has “the ability to intercept air and missile threats.”

He pointed out that “no country in the world has been able to confront these drones like Saudi Arabia,” explaining that “Saudi Arabia has a great deterrent force against any threat, regardless of its source.”

Dhahran in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province is home to most of Aramco’s oil production and export facilities, and the Ras Tanura port is a major oil operations center for the oil giant.

Al Arabiya

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