Revolutionary Guard hackers at work. (IRIB)

May 9, 2020

Iran was responsible for a widespread cyberattack on Israeli water and sewage facilities last month, Fox News reported on Thursday. According to the report, Iran used American servers to hack into the facilities.
Foreign correspondent for Fox News Trey Yingst wrote on Twitter that, “A senior official at the US Department of Energy declined to comment on any specifics related to an ‘ongoing investigation.’ The official reiterated that the DOE routinely gathers and shares info with private sector partners to protect the US and it’s allies from cyberattacks.”
The attack took place at the end of April and affected several Israeli Water Authority facilities.
The head of the Water Authority’s security department, Daniel Lacker, told head of the cyber department Avi Azar that, “We have received a number of reports regarding a cyberattack on the… systems. No damage was reported during the incident,” Ynet reported.
Iran is often accused of attempting cyberattacks against Israel.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the issue at last year’s CyberTech conference in Tel Aviv, saying that “Iran is attacking Israel on a daily basis. We monitor it and prevent it every day.”
He added: “They are threatening in other ways. What is important is that every country can be attacked and each country needs the combination of defense and attack capabilities – and Israel has such ability.”
The Jerusalem Post

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