Iranian women wear protective face shields and masks as they walk in Tehran Bazaar in Tehran, Iran April 6, 2021. (REUTERS)

November 26, 2021

In line with the latest instructions of the Ministry of Health, all non-Iranian travelers older than 12 years of age entering the country must show a negative coronavirus PCR test result, issued at most 96 hours before arrival, along with a complete vaccination certificate, Mohammad Qasemi said on Tuesday, Mehr reported.

Without a negative PCR test and a coronavirus vaccine certificate, a suspicious passenger will never be allowed to enter the country, the official emphasized.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Transport and Urban Development announced that domestic travelers in Iran are required to show either proof of negative COVID-19 test or vaccination certificate.

A negative COVID-19 test or vaccination certificate is also required for travelers who want to stay in accommodation centers including hotels, motels, guest houses, and eco-lodge units, according to the head of the Association of Iranian Hoteliers Jamshid Hamzehzadeh.

All employees of the mentioned facilities must also get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus and those who are unvaccinated may lose their jobs, he noted.

Back in October, the official announced that Iranian hotels are ready to receive foreign tourists, observing strict health protocols.

To ease the travel process, individual foreign tourists could confirm the reservations of accommodation centers at the border, he noted.

The destinations of foreign tourists in Iran are too specific cities such as Mashhad, Qom, Tabriz, Shiraz, Yazd, and Isfahan, and to return to the figure of over eight million incoming tourists before the outbreak of the coronavirus, serious planning is required, he mentioned.

In early October, the official noted that Iranian hotels have lost 202 trillion rials (some $4.8 billion at the official exchange rate of 42,000 rials per dollar) of potential revenues due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two-thirds of the hotel staff have lost their jobs as well, he added.

Back in September, Hamzehzadeh announced that all employees of accommodation centers across Iran are scheduled to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

“To vaccinate staffs of all accommodation centers, including eco-lodges, apartment hotels, and guest houses, as well as hotels, more coordination with the Ministry of Health is needed,” he added.

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