June 12, 2016

Iranian ambassador to Jordan, Mojtaba Ferdosipour, expressed hope to enhance bilateral relations in political, economic, social and tourism domains, emphasizing his country’s support to Jordan in all fields, particularly energy and increasing Iranian’s investments in Jordan. Ferdosipour, made his remarks during his visit to Alanbat Newspaper, where he met with its editor in chief Fares Shraana, the general director Hussein Jaghbir and Editorial Board, on te occasion of the newspaper’s 11th anniversary. He called for ongoing corporation between the Iranian embassy and the Al Anbat newspaper, to boost media coordination between the two countries. The ambassador congratulated Jordanian people on the Great Arab Revolt Centennial and the Independence Day 70th anniversary, underlining the importance of the Hashemite role in supporting Palestinians and efforts of establishing an independent Palestinian State with Al-Quds Al-Sharif, as its capital, commending the Hashemite role in serving the Islamic nation. Ferdosipour said Iran won’t change its policy and stances toward Israel after sealing a nuclear agreement with the 5 + 1 group, adding that Iran will never recognize Israel and will unlimitedly support Palestinian people, to enable them to establish their independent state on their national soil, adding that this position stems from the principles of the Iranian Islamic revolution and the true principles of Islam, which call for the unity, cooperation and solidarity of the Islamic nation. Ambassador Ferdosipour ruled out an Israeli attack on Iran, especially on its scientific and nuclear facilities, but warned that any Israel attempt in this regard would have a catastrophic results on Isreal, and bring about its ending. He said Isreal won’t attack Iran without the approval and participation of the United States and its allies. He added that his country will not abandon the Palestinian people and will continue supportinn them to enable them to regain their legitimate national rights and lift the siege imposed on the Gaza strip, adding that his country immediately after the eruption of the Islamic revolution, shut down the Israeli embassy in Tehran and gave it to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), He stressed his country’s readiness to cooperate with Jordan and provide it with its need of oil, gas and energy at preferable prices, if Jordan ought to request in the framework of an agreement between the two countries in this regard, noting that his country was keen on cooperating with Jordan and other Arab and Islamic countries. Ambassador Ferdosipour expressed hope to cooperate with the new government, headed by Hani al-Mulki, serve the two countries and peoples. On Iran’s currrent priorities, Ferdosipour noted that his country’s top priority is rebuilding the economy, which was weakened due to sanctions, adding that Iran’s frozen assets in foreign banks have not been released yet despite the agreement with the international community over Iran’s nuclear program, which limited the use of nuclear energy to peaceful purposes.

source: Alanbat N ews


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