Donna Nezhad celebrates these professionals’ commitment and sacrifices. (IranWire)

April 18, 2020

An Iranian-American artist has paid tribute to medical staff caring for coronavirus patients with her “Soldiers of the Corona Front” cartoon series.

Iranian-American painter, cartoonist, and teacher Donna Nezhad was moved to create the series after hearing the sometimes shocking stories of nurses, doctors and other medical staff treating patients suffering from the virus. In one video posted on social media, a nurse talks of how medical staff try not to go the bathroom during their shifts because of the difficulty of removing and handling their protective clothing safely. Others say they have gone thirsty for hours because they do not want to take off their masks or gloves for fear of getting the virus.

Mourning for lost loved ones, friends and colleagues, the fear of contracting the disease and the incredible strain they have been under at work has led to extreme anxiety and psychological stress for many healthcare professionals. In their videos and posts, they urge everyone to stay home — and to maintain social distancing if they do have to go out.






















In her series, Donna Nezhad celebrates these professionals’ commitment and sacrifices.

Iran Wire

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