The oil tanker Front Altair on fire on the Gulf of Oman after an attack. (Al-Arabiya)

June 15, 2019

Iranians had launched a surface-to-air missile at a US drone flying overhead, a US official told CNN.

The official said the missile missed the MQ-9 drone and fell into the water.

The drone had observed the Iranian vessels near the tankers, the official added.

The official also revealed that days prior to the tanker attacks, a US Reaper drone was shot down in the Red Sea, by what the US believes is an Iranian missile fired by Houthi rebels.

The US released video footage on Friday showing an Iranian patrol boat removing an unexploded mine from one of the stricken vessels’ hulls.

The US official also said that Iran was continuing its provocative behavior, and on Friday Iranian boats were preventing two privately-owned tug boats from towing away one of the damaged tankers – the Norwegian-owned Front Altair.

Al Arabiya

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