Iranian Revolutionary Guard officers [file photo]

December 19, 2016

Iranian General Sayyed Jawad, who leads the foreign militias allied with the Syrian regime, is reported to have been playing a major role in the massacres committed against civilians in Aleppo for months now as well as the violation of the truce struck a few days ago in the city.

For the past three years, foreign militias have spread in Aleppo and participated with the Syrian regime forces in attacks against the city’s eastern neighbourhoods.

More than 7,000 members of the Lebanese Hezbollah, Iraqi Nujaba movement, Afghani Fatimids battalion and Pakistani Zeinbion battalion have committed acts of violence against the population of Aleppo under Jawad’s leadership.

Jawad has also played a large role in the recent attacks on Aleppo, which are war crimes, Turkey’s Anadolu Agency has reported.

Despite Russia’s announcement, on Friday, that the Syrian regime forces will temporarily stop their attacks on eastern Aleppo in order to allow civilians to leave the besieged areas, foreign militias operating under Jawad’s command have hampered the evacuation process.

The foreign militias have violated the ceasefire agreement several times, continued to launch attacks on besieged neighbourhoods, and deliberately denied a convoy of civilians from leaving the area holding its occupants hostage.


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