June 24, 2016

An Iranian hacker calling himself “Master Joint” was able to penetrate the official Government websitefor the Jordanian Department of Income and Sales Tax on Tuesday evening, vandalizing the front page of the website with a provocative message that read “[expletive] all Arabs and You!” and “I love Iran”.

The director of the Department for Income and Sales Tax, Bashar Saber, announced in a statement that although the hacker was able to place a picture on the government website, at no point was any sensitive information compromised and the cyber attack did not exceed vandalism.

Saber added that Jordanian cyber security forces had ascertained that hacker’s operates from Iran, and the investigation to discover the identity of the attacker is ongoing. The picture posted to the government website provides an email and Facebook account, yet no statement has been made regarding their authenticity – Leaving “Master Joint” at large.

The picture was removed from the website by early Wednesday morning, but not before it was widely distributed by media outlets and social media users.

Source: Albawaba

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