Reza Beluchi’s water-running contraption. (Facebook)

July 29, 2021

An Iranian man in a giant hamster-wheel-like device has washed up on the beach in Florida after attempting to run on water from Florida to New York, the BBC reports.

Reza Baluchi was attempting to make the 1,609 km journey in order to raise money for charity.

He encountered “complications that brought him back to shore,” and sustained no injuries, Flagler County Sheriff’s Office told the BBC. The US Coast Guard helped him to ensure his safety.

It is not the first time he has attempted such a trip.

In 2014 he had to be rescued from a similar device near St Augustine in Florida, and two years later he was rescued off the coast of Jupiter, near Palm Beach.

Baluchi says he was tortured by the Iranian regime as a young man, according to the Miami Herald.

He left Iran to join a professional cycling team in Germany as a young man, according to his website Run With Reza.

Baluchi claims to have spent seven years cycling across fifty-five countries on six continents, covering more than 49,700 miles.

He crossed into the US through the Mexican border and says he was found in the middle of the desert, before eventually being granted political asylum.

Baluchi ran from the West Coast to New York shortly after the September 11 attacks in a bid to counter negative perceptions of Middle Easterners in the US in the wake of the attacks.

“I will show people anything you want to do, do it,” he told Fox News after his latest adventure. “Don’t listen to anyone. Chase your dreams.”

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