Iranian women make their way in a sidewalk while wearing the “chador,” in downtown Tehran on Aug. 24, 2017. (AP)

July 15, 2019

The lawyer of a number of men and women who were charged with not observing Iran’s mandatory hijab laws said that his clients were sentenced to 74 lashes each.

The men and women were vacationing in the north of the country, in Mazandaran Province, when they were caught on camera in a boat in the Lafour Lake.

The picture was widely circulated on social media and drew strong criticism from the Mazandaran Prosecutor who ordered that they be dealt with.

The lawyer, Mostafa Tork Hamedani did not say how many people were indicted in the case, but the Mazandaran Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor said before that 17 people were detained in relation to the case dubbed the “Lafour Dam suspects” case by state run media.

In comments carried by the IRGC affiliated Tasnim News Agency, Hamedani said that his clients were charged with “damaging public chastity” while the women were also charged with “nonobservance of hijab” for which they were sentenced to a fine.

Hamedani said he would appeal the sentence adding he had a “good argument” for the appeal.

The Iranian regime has intensified its suppression of civil liberties in the past month, adding new “Guidance Patrols” and even going as far as asking Iranian citizens to spy on each other.

Iran is the only country in the world that enforces the mandatory hijab for everyone regardless of religion, and regularly punishes those who do not follow it.

The Iranian regime does not consider flogging as torture and routinely issues flogging sentences for a wide range of so-called “crimes”.

Iran News Wire

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