The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and National Security, logo. (Supplied)

September 16, 2021

Iran’s security organs identified and have dealt with a “terrorist team” from a “hostile state”, a short announcement by Intelligence Ministry said on Wednesday.

The statement promised more details in the future, but it claimed that enemy agents were planning attacks against “sensitive and vital centers” and were destroyed by the intelligence ministry. State controlled media have repeated the ministry’s announcement, without adding any information.

Iranian intelligence organs often make similar claims, but they rarely produce any evidence or provide follow-up information about the alleged cases. News about possible trials or punishment of detained individuals is also rare.

Iran has experienced devastating sabotage attacks since July 2020, with two operations hitting its uranium enrichment facility in Natanz in July 2020 and April 2021, as well as the assassination of a top nuclear official in November.

Other military and industrial targets, including navy ships, have also suffered mysterious fires and explosions. In one of the cases any suspects were identified or arrested. Israel has been suspected of being behind at least some of the incidents although it has never officially confirmed or denied its role.

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