Retirees, mostly teachers came out on October 16 to protest in major Iranian cities. (ILNA))

August 27, 2019

Hundreds of Iran’s pensioners and teachers gathered today in Tehran and Isfahan to demand fair pensions and an end to the persecution of activists.

The pensioners in Tehran gathered outside the regime’s Ministry of Labor. They were holding placards which read, “They have used Islam to persecute the people”, “Workers and teachers should not be in prison”, “Leave Syria and think of us”, and “detained teachers must be released”.

At the same time in Isfahan located in the center of Iran, a large number of pensioners and teachers gathered in the city’s Enghelab Square to express their economic grievances.

They were holding placards which read, “Income, dignity and health is our inalienable right”, “We will not be silent until we get our rights”, “Raise teachers wages to above the line of poverty”, “No to corruption and dishonor; this is the people’s call”, and “the enemy’s right here, they lie that it’s the US”.

Reports indicate that a number of protesters were detained in the Isfahan gathering after agents attacked and beat them. Security forces also ripped their placards and banners.

The Iranian regime has stepped up its suppression of popular protests. Flogging sentences and hefty prison terms have been handed out to several teachers, workers and rights activists.

Today, the Syndicate of the Haft Tappeh Sugarcane Factory said that nine workers of the factory in the southwestern city of Shush were sentenced to 30 lashes and eight months of prison each for “disrupting public order”. The regime deems peaceful protests a threat to its security and its fragile rule.

Before this, journalist Marzieh Amiri was sentenced to more than 10 years of prison and 148 lashes for so-called “security crimes”.

Despite the regime’s crackdown, workers, pensioners, teachers, defrauded investors and other sectors of Iran’s society continue to assemble and protest against the regime’s corruption and absolute rule.

Iran News Wire

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